Onii-chan Radio: Back From The Grave 12

WHEW! That was a close one. I actually lost this week’s Radio… Audacity crashed on me and I had to do some stuff to recover the files. LUCKILY! They were recovered and now I am a super cool guy again. Be warned though, this one is fucking long. I mean a fucking hour and fifty-one minutes of me running on about all sorts of shit from what anime to watch (AGAIN?!) to religion to fucking in the butt.

Come to think of it, I touch on just about everything a growing boy needs. Or girl. Mmmm girl.

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  • Jacob

    Thanks, that was glorious :). Helped me with gaining some perspective on Blizzard and religion respectively. Can’t wait to hear your Oniichan Explains on Christianity, it’s kind of important to deal with it in a proper way and you can do it, man. Btw, I watch your streams on justin.tv and I’ve got to say you are up there when it comes to commenting that stuff.

  • Re-l

    Great show. Laughed my ass off when you said:
    “If you ask a fucking first grader where a crab came from, they would not say it was an abomination before god put here by the devil; they would say it fucking evolved”.

    Good stuff. Looking forward to your religion podcast.


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  • Saladin

    Dude great podcast, really funny and kind of enlightening (don’t ask how). But I totaly agree with you all the way with what you said about the oscars. Glad you mentioned Sora no Woto I really loved it, thought it was the best anime of 2010. And no, Snakes ageing has nothing to do with foxdie and I have no idea where you people get this idea from (it’s because he was geneticaly made to age faster).

    But dude im really looking forward to your podcast about Christianity, I love to study religion. I have study that, and Scientology, Nichiren Buddhism, Judaism, and a little of Islam. So far Buddhism makes the most sence.

    Anyway really looking forward to that and stay awesome man!

  • Void

    Great podcast, I share your views on religion. About the new poll: I learned about Electric Six, Eddie Rath and That Handsome Devil from this site. That´s a good thing, you made me buy some nice new CDs. Oh, and I´m from Germany and “meine Freunde” really means “my friends”, you got that right.

  • yuki N

    It’s always nice to get something new from you.
    aha its good to know im not alone on the way i view religion and people in general, you have much more knowledge on the subjects that interest me most and that makes it entertaining along with many other things.

    great podcast looking forward to anything else u come out with three months from now hehe

  • Dr. DaMan

    i’m a new listener
    can’t be bothered listing all the crap “i like about you”
    *does the thing where your eyebrows go up and down

  • Saladin

    I desided to listen to the last 30 minutes of this podcast becaue I didn’t finish it before.
    I had no idea about that little fact about World War II were Japan tryed to surrender to the US but we didn’t let them due to the fact that they would still have an Emperor. That’s just fucking perfict now that now that im in the Navy.
    Just saying once again, great podcast man!

  • Anelaid

    A pretty TL;DR

    Lol, you pretty much don’t understand Christianity and you commit the same degree of intolerance about Christians that you claim Christians claim about non-Christians. I can associate myself with something as broad as Christianity and condemn those movements that I view as going against Christianity. Not to mention that its largely a strawman not to mention association fallacy.

    And the New Atheist movement isn’t the best refutation against religion. I was an atheist but that whole thing kind of turned me off to the movement. I view myself, largely, as Catholic and I won’t deny the evil that was done in the name of Christianity and the current stupidity of the Catholic Church regarding pedophilia and how to deal with members of the Church who use their position to commit rape and other acts. To say that I have to endorse what was done in name of Christianity purely because they were Christians is absurd and I might as well claim that atheists have to accept the acts committed by other atheists. I dislike Christopher Hitchens and most of the Brights since I have family that are Pentecostal, and truth be told, there isn’t too much of a difference between how the two extremes think.

    The Japanese Ultranationalist movement refused to surrender because of two elements. One element was so deeply fanatical that they were perfectly willing to die for the country. The other element, although fanatical, made a gamble: They felt the United States and the other allies nations were not willing to invade the mainland of Japan so we, the Japanese, will be able to have a bargaining position. The United States planned to invade through Kyushu, I believe, with 3 to 1 odds, but the Japanese changed their troop deployment so the United States would have had massive losses. So, barring the use of the atomic bomb, their plan wasn’t that unreasonable. There was going to be massive civilian causalities, with the combined air campaign and blockade, not to mention the long term effect to how the Soviet Union and the United States conflict in the Cold War might have shaped Japan.

    Not to mention that the atomic bomb was viewed as impossible to the Japanese since Japanese tests related to the bomb convinced them that the bomb was not feasible or practice. They instead focused, albeit marginally, on microwave rays. Nuclear energy wasn’t understood at this time, and the concepts of fallout, mutation, and so on, were all very new things. One irony is that Red Orchestra managed to get medical information, some agents posing as medical staff, back to Russia in a very quick manner so in that sense they were able to get information quicker.

    The point of unconditional warfare was a fear because of World War I, not to mention the war was a lot more personal and the ultranationalist movements, in every country they appear in, don’t make a lot of friends.

    I don’t see how the disaster in Japan can be viewed as karma, the natural world can’t be simply identified as being bound by human desires for vengeance or comfort. I agree with the experimenter bias, some people go to religion and want what they believe validated. At least to me, I viewed it with skepticism and I disagree that the entirety of the Bible is primitive. Sure it reflects the understanding of the world as it was back then, but if a religion doesn’t modernize, it dies.

    At any rate, I can only take this so far. This is a site for ecchi so make of this what you will.

  • Re-l

    It’d be very interesting and informative to have Anelaid and Randall do a podcast and discuss different topics.

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