Onii-chan Radio: Under Duress 13

Hey kids. I heard this was a site where you can listen to some asshole talk about how much he likes himself without putting out any sort of content.


So here’s a new podcast that will answer all the questions including the angry ones. The mic’s a bit quiet on this one, sorry. Was a headset because my proper mic is packed up. OH! And here are the links I mentioned in the podcast:

http://www.justin.tv/digiwombat/ <-- I'll probably be streaming here in the future.

13 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Under Duress

  • manga

    Yay, another podcast!! Fucking glorious.

    You know if Blizzard have updated SC2 to allow other countries to add eachother yet?

    Watching matches are fun. But when the commentators are more concerned about the stage itself than the match you get a bit irritated. I want to see tips and how people play. Not see the stage itself.

    Will you give out the dates and such for streaming the SC2 games? On twitter or something?

    It will be interesting to see it all.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Yeah, I know about queueing. I don’t do it a ton, but I use it for a few things like building then scouting, or moving one group around back while I move on down front or whatever.

    I should use it more, but that’s part of why I am practicing a lot every day. :D

  • Arison

    I love music to this picture XD.

    As one of the 11 girls that listen to you, Onii-chan, I really enjoy your pod cast and theater. This makes my day.

  • yuki

    hey onii-chan (awesome podcast btw) do you know of any programs that are free that i can use to record my computer screen and maybe sound too that don’t suck tooo much? I just want to record some of my stuff on WoW, for no reason really. i see unregistered cam or w/e all the time but it looks like its pretty week.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    FRAPs is best for just recording. Procaster at Livestream, uStream’s app, and XSplit are the best for actively streaming things.

  • yuki

    oh yea, someone said something about FRAPs so i guess I’ll try em out. i think its only like 20 bucks or something to buy it too so that’s fine.

    thx :D

  • Joshua

    I found your comments about why people find some things erotic very insightful and interesting. As I can never understand why so many people like futa your commentary enlightened me a bit. Although I’m a bit scared to go deep inside myself and find out why I love bunny girls and nurses…

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