Onii-chan Radio: Punctual As Usual 10

About fucking time. This lazy asshole just withholds the deliciousness from us all the time and never doles it out in loving amounts. Oh well, I guess we can forgive him since he finally fucking put out a Radio. He acts like it’s hard. What a lazy cunt.

But enough about that! Let’s talk about porn. Though that admittedly doesn’t happen so much this time. Lazy cunt, can’t even talk about fucking porno. Right, enough of that. Here’s the podcast.

10 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Punctual As Usual

  • Clarence

    Rasta Airlines here, hey oniichan thanks for another awesome round of Oniichan radio, thanks for the answers i too really hate stupid people, ill try to hit you back up with some more good questions, and happy 26th birthday in january!

  • Khaos

    In case of Zombie Apocalypse: go to Canada! There isn’t very many people here and zombies don’t do so well in cold weather.

    You should do another Onii-Chan explains. I don’t know about what though. -OOH, do one about zombies!

  • yuki

    thanks for the great radio Oniichan.

    and for the tracing, hell noooo fuuuuuuuuck tracing! I could have pretty easily and it would have came out the same but you know how it is, you said it.
    It wont help me get better :P

    Oh and damn man i thought u died of starvation or something glad your alive and kickin hah keep it up.

  • SengokuRakuen

    Fuck man, I’m the same classy Rakuen guy who suggested Shoujo Material decades ago. But that’s fine, good one.

  • Brendan101

    Sengoku Rance? probably the best H/eroge game made ever plus only of the longest running series (from Rance I in the damn 80s until now)

    I personally don’t listen to any Japanese music unless its an OPing or in a game (specially Sengoku Rance music, you’d think I’m advertising this game or something

    Yeaaaaa I’ve seen post like “Rick” find it funny when they say “I want to get rid of your voice so I can hear the voices of the char even though I don’t speak……….JUST GIVE ME THE PORN

    as for the hair. eyebrow hair? just don’t get it in the eyes haha

    Finally the zombie one. L4D style? or RE style?
    I would try my hardest to get up more north where there are far less people.
    And yea crazy people can attract some….attention.
    but imo the hardest thing to do would be to kill a family member if they got the virus/turned

    oh and this post was so goddamn long because of the lack of Radio

  • Des

    Are you an admin on HentaiDreaming?
    That part of the poddy was abit confusing :P
    You should do a video on Dark Love, that hentai is so hillarious XD

  • dare2live

    It’s great that you did another post! ty for answering my question. Yea sadly just english atm, but I just started taking Japanese classes so hopefully in a few months i can give a Japanese language game a try. Again ty for answering my question! :)

  • ritchan

    Sengoku Rance was fun. I remember comparing playthroughs with my friend “did you fuck that bitch?” “no, you have to rape that one first, and then you get the fuck that blue haired bitch” and it crept my third friend out.

    Then there was Saya no Uta.

    But the best (story oriented mind you) is Ever17.

  • dethsnayke

    Oh please, I’d totally pwn you. And my pally is Draenai or however you spell it. But damn, I can’t wait for your next thing. Thanks for answering the questions. And I agree, you should totally get fangirls. I’ll hook you up. ;)

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