I’m Not Dead, But These Zombies Are… Sort Of 7

WELL! Looks who isn’t dead. It’s me! I’m not dead. Also, I will do a new podcast this weekend sometime. Maybe an Onii-chan Theatre as well.

“But what will I do in the meantime,” you ask?! WELL I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! I’ve been working on a zombie story and I figure you lot might like to take a look at it. Please do enjoy it.

It’s called The Days After.

That link’ll take you to the first part, good times.

7 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead, But These Zombies Are… Sort Of

  • Incognitonymous

    Glad to know you’re still alive.

    I enjoyed the preview. I like how it had a sense of realism even thought it’s a story about zombies. For some reason, this part really got my attention:

    “we all have to keep pretending the government is stupid even though we’re praying they show up with their guns and their tanks and save us from all this.”

    Also looked at some of your other writings and, I gotta say, looking forward to “Not Quite Hell”. It sounds really interesting.

    P.S. What program are you using for making those Universe Maps?

  • Onii-chan Post author


    There will be a lot of different mediums for the zombie story, audio and hambones and stuff like that. Maybe some pictures. ALL SORTS OF FUN STUFF. Hope you dig it going forward.

    And as soon as I find a solid artist for my comic books, I’m going to start whoring them out.

    Annnnd for the Universe Maps, I’m using X-Mind. It might not be the best thing ever, but it does what I need it to. Haha.

  • SengokuRakuen

    Yeah! Zombie-stuff! That’s classy. Are you whoring it for Dark Horse? I hope you do. Then send me copies.

    I’m glad you’re back and I’m looking forward to your podcast, man. Fight the power!

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