Onii-chan Theatre: There’s Not A Cabinet Big Enough

Well, well, well. I bet if you don’t follow me on twitter then you didn’t see this coming. You kids have probably been hungry for one of these for a little while now and since I’m a fat lazy doucher, I’ve been holding out on you. WELL NOW YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANT! Oh man, what a bunch of crap this one is. It’s clearly brain melting stuff. But hey, everybody loves milk and it does a body good so maybe that helped counteract it.

I don’t know why I feel the need to do two paragraphs for these descriptions, but I do, damnit. Just go with it. And if you’re a good little girl, I promise I’ll play with your nipples just like you like.

OH! And I moved to a new podcasting plugin, if there’s a problem, please do let me know in the comments or something.