Onii-chan Radio: My Fat, Fat Dick 11

I bet you can guess what this one is about. If you guessed anything above the waist, you’re absolutely wrong. No reviews this time because Simon died of typhoid fever while we were caulking the wagon, but I answer lots of happy time questions. If you have any questions of your own, slap them in the box on the Ask Onii-chan page and send them along.

If not… well… enjoy the podcast, I guess? Music is super old school this time. Beleedat.

11 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: My Fat, Fat Dick

  • Namer

    First off i’d like to thank you for responding. It was far to late, whatever, i get it you make podcasts whenever no harm done. I have to say that out of all the bullshit advice that i have ever gotten out of my parents, my friends, or some random person years older then me your advice was eaisly the best. For whatever reason i instantly noticed every mistake i made and know i know better of it. Anyway i do not write like that, this is my internet speak. Also its odd to say it but you are like my hero dude. Im serious, the shit you say on this site, as creepy as it sounds, makes me want to like being like you.

  • Onee-sama

    I enjoyed hearing you opinions on death and “afterlife”. I don’t know for certain about the “afterlife”, but my opinion is that intent may play some role in what we may or may not experience, post-life… but who knows?

  • Dare2live

    I’m the HUN18 guy (sry probably should have made the name better >.>) the HUN stands for Hungarian. Anyway I managed to register, thanks for enabling it and answering my questions. I have to say, I haven’t seen ET porn b4 but I have seen the dubbed Bible Black and agree that it is fucking hilarious!

  • BePsychedelic

    Hi, i’m the Rasta Airlines guy. Onii-chan i didn’t really expect you to answer my rookie card question. I did not know if it was too personal of a question but ahhh yah. Onii-chan don’t worry I did hear the term rookie card from you. All in all the comfort vs. truth thing and the answers to Namer’s question were extremely insightful thanks a lot Onii-chan for another wonderful podcast!

  • yuki

    yoo just want to say thank you for answering my question about becoming a concept artist, it did help lots.

    and i also would like to say that i hope that you become successful as a writer :D

  • kazz

    yeah you now what im talkin about late 30s early 40s and 1 slutty child, you now the one when mommy aint home onii-chan will play. Lol. Cant wait 3weeks for the next one

  • LoneHero

    Very interesting opinion about religion and the afterlife. I for one try to and respect others who find their own reasons for living every day and don’t look for some higher power to decide for them. I think it’s extremely important to find your own reason and wants for living your own life.

    As always I’m enjoying your podcasts and especially your Theaters. I think you doing a theater of Boku no pico (Spelling?) will be the only way I ever watch it lol.

  • Des

    The most hillarious hentai I`ve seen is Dark Love, the sex scenes make me look at it like this o_O and then laugh :P
    The characthers looks like bunnies on speed, though the producer is called Green Bunny so at least they live up to that :P
    I couldn`t watch BB subbed, it sounds too damn stupid :p

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