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Mischif no Snark: Bang A Gong 3

Oh, I bet you weren’t expecting me back so soon! That’s right, Mischif no Snark [Ed. Note: Mischif who is decidedly not Onii-chan. Different people, guys.] is back without taking another twenty-seven-week hiatus! I’ve come across some more awesomeful doujins along my quest to fap to every piece of Twilight/Naruto fanfiction on the internets, and I’m sharing them here with you.

Onii-chan Theatre: There’s Not A Cabinet Big Enough 16

Well, well, well. I bet if you don’t follow me on twitter then you didn’t see this coming. You kids have probably been hungry for one of these for a little while now and since I’m a fat lazy doucher, I’ve been holding out on you. WELL NOW YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANT! Oh man, what a bunch of crap this one is. It’s clearly brain melting stuff. But hey, everybody loves milk and it does a body good so maybe that helped counteract it.

I don’t know why I feel the need to do two paragraphs for these descriptions, but I do, damnit. Just go with it. And if you’re a good little girl, I promise I’ll play with your nipples just like you like.

OH! And I moved to a new podcasting plugin, if there’s a problem, please do let me know in the comments or something.

Onii-chan Radio: My Fat, Fat Dick 11

I bet you can guess what this one is about. If you guessed anything above the waist, you’re absolutely wrong. No reviews this time because Simon died of typhoid fever while we were caulking the wagon, but I answer lots of happy time questions. If you have any questions of your own, slap them in the box on the Ask Onii-chan page and send them along. If not… well… enjoy the podcast, I guess? Music is super old school this time. Beleedat.