Onii-chan Theatre: They Are Serious About Student Loan Repayment

Holy hell, I actually did something I said I was going to do. Shocking. But enough about that! I know a lot of you cool kids are in school, and a lot of you have probably had to take out student loans to pay your way through. As such, you should take this episode as a stern warning. It shows the bitter truth of what happens to people who don’t repay their student loans in a timely manner.

Also it shows fucking. Mostly fucking.

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To damn funny mate. love your work. I can’t wait for your next one.


First: This is my first post… feels good.

Second: The song you reference, i think was “Let Me Clear MY Throat” by DJ Kool. I think, not shere.

Third: Ha ha!, wonky faces make me laugh.


How do i change my profile pic???


That was excellent, man. “I’m gonna fuck the baby outta ya MEAAAAAHH”. I love the sound effects too.


You never did give me a response if you’d do the second one or not in the Onii-chan Radio, so I was kind of disappoint in hopes that it would be this week’s episode. If you do however end up doing Heartwork 2, you’ll have a very excited fan.



I’ve understand why you don’t, and I did ever since the beginning of Onii-chan, I just wanted to push you to do it in hopes that you would make an exception. Clearly not.

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