Onii-chan Radio: It Stinks of Desperation 12

And believe me it does. Another catchup Ask Onii-chan thing. How’s that feel, ladies? Feel good? Like sexy muscles rippling just beneath the thin shirt that’s struggling to contain them? Yeaaaah, “romance.” Right, I’m off track already. Most of this podcast is me rambling on about shit MOST people don’t care about but since I am a terribly interested person, I make it terribly interesting. Also I hit on everything that sent me an e-mail that seemed remotely like a girl. I’m just that classy.

SO YOU GUYS ENJOY IT! And maybe, just maybe– IF YOU’RE GOOD– I will do an Onii-chan Theatre this weekend. Maybe.

12 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: It Stinks of Desperation

  • Mischif

    First off, I approve of Reggie Watts. I need a glass bowl for my fuck shit stack, I’ve just been using tupperware.

    Second, her ass could steam as(s)paragus. Do you do that, steam as(s)paragus.


    Fourth, who makes the most money off manga? Does B&N buy it for like $9.50 or $5.50?

    Fifth, it’s always about fucking cigarette-smoking world-dominators. All in the butt.

    Sixth, while the characters in fanfic probably aren’t theirs, the words themselves do belong to the creators and if they write it right they have permission to use them. Shouldn’t they have the right to control who makes money off their words, and possibly even the characters they have “license” to?

    Seventh, WHAT? 11K a month?! What kind of programming?! Like Oracle, Google, Microsoft, what?!

    Eighth, I could use a new good porn game. Last one I’ve liked was Fate/Stay Night. HOOK ME UP, INTERNET.

    Ninth, anime as an art form peaked with Elfen Lied; within like five minutes they introduce the ditzy character, firmly cement the fact that she is ditzy, and then have her buy it. A-mazing.

    Tenth, I can totally do the OPP joke.

    Eleventh, tag-team OCnTheatre.

    Twelfth, this comment got long.

    Thirteenth, Bow-chicka wow wow.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    MISCHIF! I will now answer your questions which are actually questions.

    Second: I don’t think that’s steam.

    Fourth: The bookstores make the most money off of book sales and carry the least risk. This is not true for comic books, but for manga, graphic novels, TPBs, normal books it is. It breaks down something like this: You pay printing costs, royalties, shipping, distro, and everything else out of your own profit. Royalties are (normally) based on retail price, not printing cost. The bookstores buy your books at 55% less that cover price. That is to say they make a 55% profit (standard, not always the case) on every book they sell. Beyond that, the books are almost always marked as returnable (otherwise bookstores won’t carry them). This means they can send back any copies that don’t sell and YOU have to refund them the price they paid for the returned copies. It doesn’t work that way with American comics, but it’s fairly similar. I’ll maybe explain that one day.

    Sixth: Absolutely not. What you’re suggesting is like saying that removing graffiti is the same as vandalism since they are destroying a piece of art. While in the most technical sense, they are, they painted it on someone else’s wall. You dig it? They broke the law to create whatever they created, which means that said creation isn’t protected in the same way as a purely created piece of art. Sure, the graffiti artist made a nice painting of a cool looking whatever, but he did it using something that didn’t belong to him as the canvas.

    Seventh: I say programming because it’s easy for people to understand, but it was more like I was the person in charge of a company’s engineering department entirely. So web, intranet, hardware, etc.

    Ninth: Elfen Lied sucked.

  • Astros

    Just to be clear, when you say there is no Santa Clause you’re referring to the commercial variation and not Saint Nicholas the inspiration for the character?

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Why would anyone profess the non-existence of a 3rd-4th century bishop? I would however immediately deny any of the supposed miracles that are attributed to him. Of course, I deny all miracles so there are a lot of saints I don’t go along with. All of them, actually.

    So yes, I am referring to the “commercial variation” not the pretend magic man.

  • Khaos

    Ok guys, i know Santa isn’t real, but don’t say shit about the Tooth Fairy. How else did that money get under my pillow when I was 4. Ha ha ha.

  • LoneHero

    Sup Onii-Chan! People do listen to these you know… no need to feel too lonely now.

    Anyway I have a suggestion. Since you don’t like reading through a whole lot of requests why don’t you make some of your polls a choice between some of the more requested hentai to do a theater of? For example:

    Which show would you rather see me do a theater of?

    A. HEARTWORK!!!! Episode 2
    B. Stringendo 3 blah blah blah
    C. Other popular option goes here

    I think getting your viewers involved would be a good thing. Of course if it’s a hentai you’ve seen before AND think is actually good don’t bother making it a poll option. What do you think?

  • Izumi Saya

    Onii-chan, you’re awesome. I wish we could have gay sex. That’s how awesome you are.

    Take it as a compliment or as weird comment or whatever. I just had to say that. haha.

  • sectumsempra

    Lalala Okay! So first thing you should know before reading this entire comment is that I wrote it while listening to your podcast so I didn’t forget anything I wanted to type. So it might be pretty roughly written and, well, random at times. You’ve been warned.

    Becoming an atheist, for me, was more of a gradual process. I mean, at first I wasn’t like ‘Christianity? Well fuck that.’ I wasn’t even consciously questioning the existence of any type of God. Then I started to outright deny the possibility of God, but only in my own head. The first time I ever told someone (a family member) that I didn’t believe in any religion at all I knew I was an atheist, about 11 and 12 years old. It was as if saying it out loud, I just knew it was true, even though I hadn’t really thought about it like that.

    Enough about that though.

    I play guitar too! It’d be a mistake to assume I’m good at it though … Well~ I’m okay, I’m still learning. Drums and bass are cool, trumpets are a little geeky, heh. That’s okay, I used to play cello back in the day, so yeah….

    I’m pretty sure I was aware you shut down this website for awhile and the reasons for it. I’m relatively new to this website and -believe it or not- I’m not really that into hentai. Or porn as a whole. The only reason I keep coming back here is ’cause of you Onii-Chan. So feel special. Not that you’d care but I actually came across this website from another website while I was looking up the series Loveless. Weird, I think.

    It doesn’t have the same effect when I say Heartwork :(

    And I remembers it.

    I do agree with you on how humans aren’t born good or evil, but just with that natural instinct to survive such as all animals have. It depends on their personality, which shows more as they get older, and outside factors (which influence them) that define them as ‘good’ or ‘evil.’ Still, categorizing people like that isn’t accurate since everyone has their own definition of good and evil and the average person is much more complicated than that. In my opinion, everyone is at least a bit evil, even if they don’t show it.

    There was a site I used to visit a lot to read manga, but they recently took off all the manga on it. I was disappointed but they did it to respect the creators of these series, which is a good thing. I don’t care about reading Naruto online because why the hell would I buy all those books when I can read ’em for free. I mean, it’s a good series but not that good. Anyways… Most of the manga that I read online, I actually end up buying the books if I get into it, or else I read the next chapters of a series I’m following if I don’t have enough money to get the book at the moment. I see online manga reading as this: If I like the book, I’ll get it, but if it’s not that interesting I basically just forget about it. It’s like a free trial, in my opinion. Of course, there are series I follow strictly online, but that’s because I’m broke and I’m going to an anime convention in a few months, so I need to save up.

    I’d admit to anyone that I -occasionally- watch hentai or masturbate, except my mom. That’d just be weird. But nobody really brings that sort of stuff up. “HI DO YOU LIKE TO TOUCH YOURSELF AT NIGHT?”…….It’s pretty taboo stuff, though I don’t think it should be.

    Those do sound like awesome scissors…they’re kinda turnin’ me on.(Not really. It’s late, I’m tired, so don’t blame me.)

    And lastly, I love you too Onii-chan!!!! Kiss kiss

  • Dethsnayke

    HEY! I’m an admin on hentaidreaming.com. tell me the guys name and ill tell him to leave you alone xD i wasnt aware someone was pestering you, and when i heard the sites name i was like ha-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! hehe. anyways, yeah this is THE dethsnayke that messaged you. thanks for finding my name amusing, although i think my other handle would be more entertaining: totallyNOTaboner. :) and thanks for answering my questions :DD

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