Onii-chan Theatre: A Different Sort Of Pop-o-Matic Trouble 11

Well, this time I actually took a recommendation for a Theatre suggestion because it sounded sufficiently crappy and comedic and I think the outcome was favorable. But that’s not really for me to decide, now is it?! IS IT?! That said, please don’t start bombarding me with suggestions. Chances are you will be among the many who have sent me recommendations for shows like Mahou Shoujo Ai, Famiresu Senshi Purin, or other shows that at either fairly good or are obvious parodies. There are reasons these won’t be funny, but explaining them to you wouldn’t matter.

BUT LET’S NOT BICKER AND ARGUE ABOUT WHO KILLED WHOM! Let’s watch me make fun of some terrible pornography. Ready?! GO! Oh, and the futa has nothing to do with the anime. I just liked the picture.

11 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: A Different Sort Of Pop-o-Matic Trouble

  • Bring Back the Bomb

    I didn’t get the pun in the name “Sexual Pursuit” until I saw the R1 box.

  • Brendan101

    If he saw a game called “Heartwork Murder the bitch in the corner” I dont think he would of bought it. but when it says Wincest… I mean incest he was all ready to buy it.
    I hear Freud and he wants his game back.

  • Mischif

    This game is now at the top of my Christmas gift list. What I really want to know is whether or not the game works on adopted and symbolic relatives as well – shit yeah, call Tina Fey my long-lost sister, get her in the room and BAM – fucking Tina Fey.

    I love how this game seems to hook into the shadow realm or some shit and make people do what they want. It’s more like Jumanji with fucking your mother than Monopoly. And HOLY SHIT GHOST DICE!!

    I still don’t understand how she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown in the middle but totally into it at the end.

    God, it looked like she came out of her mouth in that last titwank scene.

    She is totally three times bigger than him, and at least four inches taller, he’s already like a year or two into puberty and he’s still shorter than her. What a bitch.

    I want a game that uses ghosts to make my dick hard. Like seriously.

  • Namo

    I don’t know about buying something called “Incest Game”, but if there was a game out there that would let me do that guy’s Mom, I would totally buy it. I think she’s really hot. Its just the whole facial mole thing, with blue eyes, messy brown hair and fair skin. Mmm mmm MMM.

    Also, anyone else notice that like the last 8 videos have all had PEE in it? Not diggin’ the pee.

  • ローレン

    God I haven’t laughed this hard in forever- Keep doing what you’re doing man this is hilarious hope you never tire of doing this. <3

  • Des

    Became very cursious to what they were saying to each other during the sex, so got to see this xD

    That/those bj(s) looked uncomfortable, very dry, same with the penetration and his dick looked like a dildo :P

    Nice game XD

  • Manifest0h

    Piss and cum that seems to defies the laws of gravity are slowly becoming something to be expected in these shows.

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