Onii-chan Radio: Mirror Neurons Are Neat 17

Okay, first podcast in two months and the size shows it. Plenty of great questions and a review of Icarus Publishing’s Cheerful Eros Project led to an sexy good time for the whole family. I cover a wide variety of subjects in this week’s Ask Onii-chan section and it ends up taking like an hour to cover all the stuff you guys sent over the past two months. But hey! Since I am back on top of things, please do send more questions.

Anyway, this podcast was fun times, so I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Well! That’s enough chit-chat. It’s get it going.

UPDATE: Having talked with Simon, he made it clear that the changes made to the book were made out of fear of reprisal from the US government and it’s army of fluttering sphincters. The people to blame for these edits are the US government and prudes everywhere. I’d honestly say the best thing you can do is buy the damn book. Help keep people who are willing to publish eromanga in English in business so we have someone to help in the fight against censorship.

I mean it earnestly, guys. We love this stuff and it’s not something that makes people a lot of money. I can promise you they love it just as much as we do. Actually, they probably love it more. Especially Simon. He’s a huge pervert. So PLEASE, buy his books and support civil rights organizations like the ACLU and CBLDF.

17 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Mirror Neurons Are Neat

  • Simon Jones

    >First exposure to “hentai” is Sailor and the Seven Balls

    My condolences to your hentai virginity. =(

    >Dreams of You

    Hey, colleges have intramural athletics. And Japanese universities do have uniforms, especially women-only universities and private colleges and prep schools.

    >Differences between English and Japanese edition.

    Sure, there are differences. Generally, our books have different artwork than the Japanese edition (such as mosaics). Then there are the differences you mentioned.

    Two words: plausible deniability. (Yes, I’m really that same weasely advisor from Independence Day.) This is not just for us, but for the retailers who choose to carry the book.

    Let me play around with the tree falls in the woods question… if the book says one thing with a wink, and you as the reader knows differently or assumes differently, would it matter what the book says? Is it better for us to release as much of the book as possible via a few changes here and there, or not license the book at all? What do you think the artist’s take on this is? Does the artist/license holder have no say on how the book is presented and edited?

    >Runaway Girl

    Yes, she’s *actually studying for prep school.*

    Why, why do you assume she’s a lot younger just because she’s shorter, has small breasts, and wears cute ponytails? Are you biased against them like Australians!? I am so disappointed, Fitzgerald-san. @[email protected]

    >Small titties

    Wait for Witchcraft.

  • Mr.Toast

    GRET FUCKING SONG! november has come now thats the shit right there i literally listened to that song right before comming here NIIICE

  • Simon Jones

    >he made it clear that the changes made to the book were made under pressure for the Japanese publisher being concerned about issues in the US

    Sorry, no. This is not a blame game. I make the decisions. My apologies if our conversation gave you the impression that the buck stops anywhere but with me.

    Those who do not agree with any of the decisions I need to make as publisher can lambaste me for them.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Haha, sorry about that, I wrote that first sentence about four hours before I write the rest of it and forgot to edit it.

    It now reflects my understanding of the matter. And like I said, you can’t blame a man for not volunteering to put shit like that at risk.

    I mean if you’re telling me that you would have made this decision without the threat of legal action on the part of the US government, I’d say that our conversation must have slipped by me entirely. Also, I am referring ONLY to this case and not any hypotheticals. BUT HEY! I’m absolutely bored of this conversation, people should buy the book, I’m done. You’re not the person I have a problem with.

  • kgw

    Thank you, you mentioned dead leaves and i checked it out. I love it man, thank you. i’d look up the manga but i have no idea how to spell it, so skrew that

  • linger

    In regards to the 147 Centimeter chapter, I think something that has to be considered in “showing the scale” is that Japanese men are shorter than American men, so there’s less of a height difference.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    That’s a fair point, but the reason I brought up the scale issues was because it changes from one page to the next depending on the situation. It’s not distracting or anything, I’m just a nitpicker about my fetishes. haha.

  • Brendan101

    Doing it if people come here or not, thats a great commitment.
    and tbh you have inspired me to do something similar to this but instead manga commentary and reviews put it on youtube.
    and no I am not a douche so I won’t say ZOMG CLICK MAH LINK AND WATCH MEH (or put it in this name). because I came here to listen to you and not to advertise myself

    Hmmm death to things with no memory…. TIME TO KILL DA RETARD gahahhaa, naw im kidding but yea you did make a good point

    atheist only? wat about some crazy shit like buddhist (not hating on buddhist) or something.

    and i agree with the sound thing completely.

    the scream in space will be like talkin underwater.
    (yes i’m typing this as i go cause I’ll forget all the shit i wanna say)

    Hates the music so he complains? i agree just skip it. :/
    and marry at age 19? haha yea that would erm…not go to well, at all.
    He can pick up chicks almost as good as you haha, but joking aside…as I always say when it comes to bi girls THREESOME….i guess thats not joking aside >.>

    well to prevent a wall of text to piss you off I am going to stop talkin now and finish other shit i have to say later (seeing there is a whole fuckin hour left). Oh and its ok if you skipped me, because it will probably waste your time where you can be making the next ep of oniichan theater.

    Oniichan T-Shirts that aren’t offensive? Well…all they would have to do is google you and haha well… ya they are in a surprise.

  • Brendan101

    Edu is usually for education. so i think Kazz wouldnt be an idiot if he get education

  • Kaith

    Hahahahaha. Its been awhile bud. Glad to see you’re back at it. I am doin well. Bout to deploy here in a month or so. dont be too sad I frequent your site everyonce and awhile. I may be drunk half the time but hey. Oh and by the way. I was like the one guy that voted for small boobs so you are not alone my friend. I have small boobs and am tall, but since i drink I guess I am out of the running for the girlfriend. Hahahahaha. boo hoo. take it easy bud. and I may be in cali after deployment so I am expecting that free beer. dont you forget.

  • Kaith

    And yes and no. You are doin the act of screaming. but no one can hear you so like you said it can’t be understood or acted upon. So it goes to the same thing as a tree falling in the woods when no one is around.

  • kgw

    Hey, i know you were probably kidding when you asked me a question but i answeared it in an ask onii-chan anyway, so dont think i took it as a really serious thing. I kinda felt obligated since we ask you so many questions

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