Onii-chan Threatre: An Accurate Portrayal of Family Life


Some of you might have been hoping for a podcast. You are aberrant forces in the world and no one likes you as a result. The rest of you will be happy that it’s an Onii-chan Threatre because it makes sure you at least get boobies to look at.

But I’ve had about enough of these cold stereotypes about my work! Why should I have to reduce myself to watching smut to entertain people? That’s why this week, we’ll be watching a wholesome film about family values in the home and positive interactions between sibling pairs. I think it will be both educational and entertaining. Edutaining, if you will. So I shouldn’t like to keep you waiting for what will surely be a fun filled romp. So enjoy. Oh, opening bit might be a little loud. And for that I apologize. Microphone issue.

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10 years ago

Why is the water so green in the beginning? Also at 1:00, look in the window, peeper.

10 years ago

The part where his mom (I assume) holds her breasts, I’ve seen an animated gif before.

10 years ago

6:20 his penis is huge i mean he could nock the chick out with it by turning end of the show with the last chick either his semen had hit the sealing or its floating in mid-air. Anyway nice episode looking forward to next,i kno ive seen this one before somewhere.

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