Onii-chan Theatre: So Zombies CAN Still Get It Up

I’d always wondered about that… but now I know.

Where have I been, you ask? Well, a couple of things. I’ve been working on putting together a publishing company, I had a week full of family interference, and it goes on and on and on. Life does that to you sometimes. Oh well! I’m back, motherfuckers (and brotherfuckers), and I will try to get back to regular updating, but as shit moves forward with the publishing stuff, I might be strapped for time.

But that’s fine, right? Because if I am not making videos, at least I’m making SOMETHING. And it’ll be something you can give me money for. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT! There’s a new episode of Onii-chan Theatre and it’s chock full of zombies. Not really, but yeah. It’s probably not that funny, but that’s fine because fuck it was hot in my apartment while I was making it and honestly, the episode wasn’t as ridiculous or varied as I’d hoped it would be. Enjoy it or else. Oh and I’m working on an eroge. That’s fun.