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Welp, today the “Cartoons Have Feelings Too” law went into effect in the UK.

Yep. Loli is officially illegal in the UK. Will anyone in the UK actually stand up and do anything to try to fix it? Nope. But then it yet remains unclear how the law will be enforced, so it’s possible that much like the US law, it just sits around waiting for people to have child porn… so we’ll see.

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And I guess Liberty in the UK.
If you only care about anime sort of stuff check out Yes to Freedom. Don’t know how much they actually get done though. Haha.

I’ll have a new Onii-chan Theatre later this week. Been busy with stuff.

17 thoughts on “Loli Illegal in the UK

  • VZ

    I think we’ve officially devolved. The UK was at one time fighting fascism, only to now have it today as well.

  • Anonymoose

    >I think we’ve officially devolved.

    I agree. The fact that this fetish has even rose to such prominence is proof positive, in fact.

  • VZ

    >I agree. The fact that this fetish has even rose to such prominence is proof positive, in fact.

    Except that fetish isn’t hurting real children/teens.

  • Mischif

    I’m on the fence on lolicon. On one hand, they’re most certainly drawings and nothing more, and therefore should have none of the rights of people including the right to not be raped. On the other I can’t help but shake the feeling that there’s at least one pedophile out there who has used lolicon either as an excuse to support their raping of actual children or as a way to psyche themselves up towards the real deal.

    But while the latter might be true, I’m still optimistic enough about humanity to assume that they are an extreme minority in the group of loli-lovers, and that they all shouldn’t be punished for the transgressions for some.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    While I sort of get the point your making I think it misses the baseline idea of the first amendment.

    You can’t transpose a crime based on fiction. People just make an illogical jump because both contain what they see as naked children. But the simple fact of the matter is that the laws against child porn are in place to protect very real children from very real physical and emotional abuse.

    It’s not about what sort of person prefers what sort of fiction, it’s about the right for an artist to create whatever sort of images or stories that he or she sees fit. I could go farther into why this creates a huge issue with me and the idea of obscenity, but that’s for another time.

    The point being, the laws are in place to protect a very real victim from a very real crime. That is just and valid. However, you cannot protect something that exists only in the fictional world. And if you start branching into that area there are lots of things that we could argue are horrible.

    As a for instance, in this case, Mischif, you are not an avid user of the product in question this time, but how about violent video games? Remember, the argument here isn’t that those violent video games are LEADING to violence, but that you are killing people by playing the game. They don’t have to prove that you ever wanted to kill anyone, or that you have killed anyone. Just owning the game is tantamount to having killed someone. Or at least assault with a deadly weapon.


  • VZ

    Odd for me, I don’t play violent video games. I use to play Mortal Kombat when I was a young teen but I grew out of that sort of “gore is cool” phase (other than still watching some 80’s anime that had gore). It’s certainly not because I object to violence in fictional media that’s for sure.

    Moe and lolicon are better outlets of catharsis for me.

  • Javier

    Haha!, poor bastards! sorry for those who lives on UK, its a shame that actually they think that a “loli” image can be dangerous LOL. i mean what people will do ? fuck their pc-screens or rape a piece of paper? i mean, c’mon r u fucking serious? FUCK UK !!! LONG LIVE TO MI DICK !!!!! VIVA MEXICO PUTAZOS!!!

  • Lolistick

    As a UK resident whose passion lies in Loli, this new law is my Bane.
    But if the law prevents further child abuse, I’m all for the cause

  • Onii-chan Post author

    See, that manner of thinking is part of the problem.

    People die in car accidents. KIDS die in car accidents. Should you ban cars?

    Far more people die of heart disease than any children getting molested, should you make it illegal for people to buy more than 2000 calories worth of food in a day?

    This is the same sort of bullshit that led to prohibition in the 1920s. There’s no proof that loli drawings contribute to child abuse, just knee jerk reactions. And the studies that HAVE been done in that area tend to show that pornography tends to help abate physical actions.

    What amazes me about British cowtowing bullshit like that is that I couldn’t make a fucking COMMERCIAL that said drawings of little girls cause girls to get raped, but I could pass a fucking law banning anyone from ever seeing those drawings without anything more than hypotheticals and scary words like child abuse.

  • Lolistick

    Notice my qualifier “if”.
    IF loli was the cause of all abuse, then yeah ban it, but it’s not!
    I’m with you mate, let’s be honest, I don’t think any straight hot blooded male on the planet would think otherwise.

    If they are going to ban Loli, which is fictional, then they should van any other content where an illigal thing happens in media, eg;
    Killing is illigal, so ban All fictional shooting games and movies.
    Rape is illigal, that bans half of all fictional porn movies.
    Stealing is illigal, so get rid of all train robbery and bank heist films.

    Why they chose Loli I don’t know, surely child rape is as bad as torturing slasher films like “Saw” and “Hostel”

  • Namo

    Just because you read, watch, or play something doesn’t mean you’ll imitate it. If I play Grand Theft Auto, which I avoid, its not like I’m gonna go out and jack a car, beat some hookers, kill a guy, etc. All the same, if I read a lolicon manga/eromanga, I’m not gonna say “I’m gonna go rape a child, be back in time for dinner.”

    Granted, there are people who take such obsessions too far and actually try these things, but even so, the number of people who don’t imitate these things drastically outnumbers those who do. And by drastically, I’m pretty sure saying that its less than 1% wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

    This banning is just a preemptive strike, I suppose. Not saying that I approve of it, but I definitely understand where they are coming from, percentages aside.

  • dethsnayke

    I agree with everyone here on this subject. There is no proof lolicon doujinshi/anime lead to sexual crimes against children. Quite the opposite actually, as studies have shown it allows for an outlet for the urges that might otherwise lead to said crimes. I also read that there have been studies in Japan showing that since the release of such doujinshi and other animated sexual material in the country, the rate of sex-related crimes has drastically decreased. This all shows that lolicon is not the Great Satan they would like to make it out to be.

  • matthew

    well I live in the uk and I say fuck the law Im gonna download lolicon off of japenise servers ,smoke weed when I can and piss in pubilc till I can’t piss no more fuck UK LAW LONG LIVE FREEDOM

    “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

  • Tom

    I think the UK is a disgusting place to live. These stupid minority groups pop up out of no where and start creating ridiculous laws and accusations. I mean seriously, if your not in a coma in the UK your going to be doing something wrong and it irritates me that the world itself has changed so much since when I was growing up.

    In my opinion loli and such “illegal” image material allows people to release such urges without actually hurting anyone, there will always be someone who takes these things too far but that’s life. I don’t agree that harming anyone, especially a child, is right. The world will never be perfect despite laws and no amount of laws will make it perfect, someone somewhere will rebel and fight against these laws.

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