Onii-chan Theatre: Yakitate!! Train Rape

Well, fans of shounen manga should have a pretty good idea about where we’re going with today’s episode. Yep. Train rape. And bread. They go together like… uhh… you know… train rape… and bread. But enough about that, let’s talk about you. What’s your sign? Do you come here often? Show us your tits.

Ok, ok. I’m really getting lazy with these openings, but what do you expect from me? I already work one a day a week on this fucking site, how am I supposed to do more than that? I CAN’T, GOD DAMNIT! I JUST CANT! Now watch this hilarious internets video before I come over there and MAKE you finish those peas.

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That whole thing about dudes with long hair and pastel suits is a life lesson I wish I had learned before I invested in a company with Maximillion Pegasus.

But I thought that all Japanese people were scared of foreigners and that would carry over to non-Japanese-looking girls not getting groped, or does wanting to get your dick hard trump gaijin-ness in that case?


when you add the special cream to the croissant, you get an éclair.


what prompted the bread thing anyway?


When people get mad on the Grope Train, THEY DO THE LOCOMOTION.


Once again we´re talking about Golden fingers. And yes, last time I saw them was also on a train.

Time before was a sexual rapist wrestler. In back alleys.

Making bread? That was a new take on the whole act.

Never got into Yakitate, worth a watch?


Well if you like solar hands by all means watch it, but I just couldn’t do it. It’s like masterbating to a girl with clothes on. Takes some work but if you power through you will find something you like in the end. Mabey.

Totally of age
Totally of age

17:42 Oh wow, look at how high her face is.


This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! It’s burning grip tells me to rape you! Take this: my fingers, my tongue, and all of my penis! SHINING FINGER!!!!!!

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