Onii-chan Explains #3: The Troubles

What’s that? You want to hear me talk about the history of modern religious conflict in Ireland?! Well you’re in luck, due to reasons, I have just finished talking about that very thing! An amazing coincidence to be sure. And oh man how sick am I of typing out descriptions for these things? Can’t I just post the damn file and be done with it? No, no. That wouldn’t do.

Anyway, as is typical with Onii-chan Explains, it’s not terribly funny and it’s more educational. Plus I talk about my thoughts on stuff. If you don’t care to hear the history of The Troubles, you might want to just take a break for a week and wait for my next funny video about porn. YEAH!

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Thank you very much for doing this.
Four points:
1.) I’ll do my best not to get shot (lol),
2.) Yes you did pronounce Sinn Féin correctly,
3.) I agree with pretty much everything you said there,
4.) Excellent choice of music haha


are you answering questions next week?


I can’t believe i’m learning so much from a porn site thanks oniichan.

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