Onii-chan Radio: Brotherly Love 16

Well, I felt like I’d gone long enough without answering the questions I had sitting in my inbox, so now you guys get to deal with me answering a few questions. But it’s not all bland, I talk about incest and go into a blind rage while insulting Christianity at the same time as I give historical reasons why it’s all bullshit and they need to give the fun holidays back to the pagans they seemed so happy to burn all those years ago.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Click the listening method of your choice and GET FUNKAY OMIGAHD. And if you have any sort of random question, feel free to send me an e-mail via the Ask Onii-chan link up top. YEAH!

16 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Brotherly Love

  • VZ

    Nice! I’d love to hear more on incest.

    You would get along so well with my older brother, especially about Christianity and how it’s all BS.

  • Mojo

    1) Sister Hazel FTW
    2) I’d like to hear more about incest as well.
    3) How can people be so retarded and not know the capital of France?…
    4) You should see a doctor about that heartburn. If it happens so often at such a young age it can’t be good.
    5) Enjoy your shoes.
    6) When I think about it.. you do have a sexeh voice. Reminds me Seth Rogen’s sexeh-as-hayle voice.
    7) Religion is the reason we have wars. My parents are Jewish, my dick is circumsized (it’s actually is nice), and I’m an Atheist.

  • battle vixens reader

    dude i have a question for you my friends and i are having an argument about a manga series i read known as battle vixens (therefor my name) so i thought i’d ask a pro. would you consider battle vixens/ ikki tousen pornographic?

  • manga

    I have to say that getting children if you are brother and sister is pretty dumb.

    But otherwise, I agree, you don´t decide who you fall in love with, it just happends.

    Nice podcast Onii-chan, getting 30minutes out of these questions is a God-like feature :)

  • Paellin

    well you know what they say, Incest is best.

    also thoroughly enjoyed the Christianity rant at the end.

  • Simon Jones

    Aww, we can argue and still be friends…

    I haven’t sent out any review copies of Obedient One to anyone yet, and I might not for another couple of weeks. Because Cheerful Eros Project is almost shipping.

    Gotta save some money on USPS shipping. It’s 5+ bucks each for those flat rate folders…

  • Onii-chan Post author

    FIVE DOLLARS?! That’s insane. You need to start doing that shit Media Mail and just tell people it’ll get there one day. Haha.

    Also, I would demand that Riggie-tan guest host as well, but kids these days are all wacky and secretive…

  • Tatsumaki

    Fucking fantastic. Epic rant, haven’t laughed as much in a long time haha.

    And please do do the Onii-chan explains on Christianity, I find your views on shit very refreshing.

  • Simon Jones

    Just a warning to those who are thinking of sending porn to their friends in these troubled times:

    Media Mail packages can be *opened and inspected* by the post office to ensure the contents comply with media mail regulations.

  • VZ

    I want to know why in most anime that has brother/sister incest, they pull the “were not related by blood”?

    It’s hotter when they’re blood related. It’s animation, you can do whatever you what because it’s just a fantasy.

  • Lolistick

    In my opinion, Incest is more common than you might consider; royal families for instance are thouroughly Inbred.
    Not only that, but consider this; it’s a fact that teens passing through puberty are incredibly horny, you can’t really deny that you didn’t bash one out three times a day – and a boy and girl going through puberty in the same house, possibly at the same time is simply Incest waiting to happen.

  • Tom.R

    great rant on religion except you got one thing wrong the gospels were actually left completly anonymous the church just added those names later. aside from that fantastic podcast.

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