Onii-chan Theatre: I Will Not Apologize For This 19

I think today has a wholly apt title. Lots of terrible jokes, lots of blatant racism, and I pick on Canada. If you don’t like racism, I suggest you watch it so you can be maybe mildly offended. Or whatever. And to my Canadians readers, I love you guys. Really dug the opening ceremonies. Maybe I will move to Vancouver. Then we can all have snacks.

Other than that, it’s a pretty good episode of stuff. We watch Rei Rei. It’s a good time. Man… I’m just trying to fill a little bit of space to try to make it look like I’m not being lazy or paying attention. Honestly, it’s a fairly inexplicable episode of something that is really a rough approximation an eroanime… but it’s low in cholesterol and there are lesbians.

19 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: I Will Not Apologize For This

  • Mojo

    Haha I almost feel guilty for laughing at the racist jokes!
    Btw, we didn’t see a single vagina or penis shot lol.

  • Paellin

    Extreme muff diving, sex-changing men, and confusing egg-pseudo-death. Also, i don’t think there was a single penis or vagina in this show. As a Canadian, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

  • battle vixens reader

    dude i didn’t notice this till close to the end so i don’t blame ya but did anybody else notice how much the doctor dude looks like an extremely dark version of the dude from big-o

  • manga

    What a way to destroy a couple that planned to get married. Crossdress and magically get girly parts to seduce the male with.

    Oh my God this was hilarious. Weird title as well.

  • Kaith

    Hahahahaha. I am pretty sure this whole title was a tribute to plan parenthood. Kill them fuckin baby eggs, and if you disagree you have never had sex with a hooker and 9 months later had to deal with pepperment Jr. Some babies done need to be born in this world. Fuck you pro choice,

  • Onii-chan Post author

    I was not aware that you could induce a delayed anaphylactoid response in a person. Even then, assuming the injected yolk was somehow meant to prime her without causing a reaction, how would the eating of the egg cause such a drastic and immediate reaction?!

    And if she was trying to kill the girl, that’s maybe the worst way to go about it since that sort of reaction isn’t really a guaranteed kill… far from it ever.


  • Simon Jones

    Passive anaphylaxis can be induced by injections. The recipient of the injection can become sensitized to an allergen that s/he was not allergic to before. Its presence in the bloodstream being a novel situation, the body is being trained to react to it.

    Not that I’m saying it’s as simple as injecting fresh yolk directly into the bloodstream. Having never experienced the privilege of having a completely trusting and clingy psycho girlfriend whom I wanted murdered so that I can marry a doctor, I have never tried such a thing. I’d also imagine salmonella to be a more common concern.

  • Simon Jones

    I shall also point out, having the girl suffer a reaction in public conceals her guilt, and as a doctor, she had access to the patient where she could finish the job.

    Therefore, you are wrong, and this is the greatest anime ever made.


  • Onii-chan Post author

    I STAND CORRECTED! This is clearly the best work of fiction to ever have been created and I now see its true glory.

    Wait… wasn’t there another storyline? The Ghost of Christmas Present who is also Tinkerbell uses fairy dust to genderswap an offensive looking guy with a giant mouth…

    But ignoring that, I was always a bit bothered by her reaction to the freak out in public. A trained doctor should keep her shit together better in an emergency, damnit! Also, won’t an autopsy show any number of issues with this whole thing? Egg injections? Anything done post hospitalization (like more egg injections) as well as the fact that she was clearly involved with the doctor… SHE WOULD GO TO JAIL! IT’S SCIENCE!

    Where is Naruhodou Ryuuichi when you need him?!

  • battle vixens reader

    thats weird because eggs are usually used in vacines for flu shots and other stuff but introducing the virus to the egg in a normal situation eggs are medicine.

  • Kaith

    Ah ha. This is me being sober. First off. Egg protein is in most shots. not the egg its self. Because the protein is good for you not the unborn baby chick fetus, and also depending where the shot was given you would die or not. If it was in the actual vein it would be deadly because of constriction of the vein not the yolk itself. if it was in the muscle likely it would have no effect unless an allergic reaction took place as stated above. Take that people who think soldiers are dumb.

  • Shu

    Dear god, I just stumbled on this site tonight, and this is the third ‘theatre’ I’ve watched. You are hilarious. Your sense of humour is really just perfect(at least for me). XD And I was laughing every time you did the black ‘Reirei?’ voice, so no worries there. Lol.

    I’m really looking forward to browsing through here and watching what I haven’t seen yet. You’re getting two well deserved thumbs up from this girl! XD

  • Onee-sama

    This was one of the first hentai I ever saw, I think I was 13 or so. It was a special treat to see this Oniified… could not stop cracking up at the continuous “Rei Rei!” joke. Made me think about what exactly the deal is with racism and “the ‘n’ word”. Meaning is subjective!

    Egg shots, all around.

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