Handley Gets Six Months In Prison For This

Welp, that’s the length and breadth of it. Christopher Handley has been sentenced to six months in prison, following by three years supervised release, and five years probation. A major failing of the American justice system, but this is what happens when you let local lawyers take care of your case instead of hiring experts like the ACLU and the CBLDF, both of whom I would ask you to support, especially after the outcome of this case.

But that’s just not good enough for me. Free speech is god in my mind, so let’s go ahead and post the same pictures that got Handley sent up. How about it? Yeah, come and get me, government. Let’s do this thing.

Update: Also go read Simon’s post.

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10 years ago

lol @ the “idiots” tag haha
btw, the CBLDF did help him
“The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund did not provide the defense for Handley, but was a special consultant to Handley’s defense team, providing access to First Amendment experts, recommending expert witnesses on manga, and funding expert research for an eventual jury trial. ” – from the last paragraph @ http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/16865.html

10 years ago

Between this case and the notion that Australia wants to ban flat chested girls in porn on the basis that’ll incite people to be pedo has convinced me the western world’s gone to full on retardation mode.

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