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Onii-chan Explains: The Troubles 5

What’s that? You want to hear me talk about the history of modern religious conflict in Ireland?! Well you’re in luck, due to reasons, I have just finished talking about that very thing! An amazing coincidence to be sure. And oh man how sick am I of typing out descriptions for these things? Can’t I just post the damn file and be done with it? No, no. That wouldn’t do. Anyway, as is typical with Onii-chan Explains, it’s not terribly funny and it’s more educational. Plus I talk about my thoughts on stuff. If you don’t care to hear the history of The Troubles, you might want to just take a break for a week and wait for my next funny video about porn. YEAH! Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Android | RSS


Onii-chan Radio: Brotherly Love 16

Well, I felt like I’d gone long enough without answering the questions I had sitting in my inbox, so now you guys get to deal with me answering a few questions. But it’s not all bland, I talk about incest and go into a blind rage while insulting Christianity at the same time as I give historical reasons why it’s all bullshit and they need to give the fun holidays back to the pagans they seemed so happy to burn all those years ago. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Click the listening method of your choice and GET FUNKAY OMIGAHD. And if you have any sort of random question, feel free to send me an e-mail via the Ask Onii-chan link up top. YEAH!

Onii-chan Theatre: I Will Not Apologize For This 19

I think today has a wholly apt title. Lots of terrible jokes, lots of blatant racism, and I pick on Canada. If you don’t like racism, I suggest you watch it so you can be maybe mildly offended. Or whatever. And to my Canadians readers, I love you guys. Really dug the opening ceremonies. Maybe I will move to Vancouver. Then we can all have snacks.

Other than that, it’s a pretty good episode of stuff. We watch Rei Rei. It’s a good time. Man… I’m just trying to fill a little bit of space to try to make it look like I’m not being lazy or paying attention. Honestly, it’s a fairly inexplicable episode of something that is really a rough approximation an eroanime… but it’s low in cholesterol and there are lesbians.

Handley Gets Six Months In Prison For This 6

Welp, that’s the length and breadth of it. Christopher Handley has been sentenced to six months in prison, following by three years supervised release, and five years probation. A major failing of the American justice system, but this is what happens when you let local lawyers take care of your case instead of hiring experts like the ACLU and the CBLDF, both of whom I would ask you to support, especially after the outcome of this case. But that’s just not good enough for me. Free speech is god in my mind, so let’s go ahead and post the same pictures that got Handley sent up. How about it? Yeah, come and get me, government. Let’s do this thing. Update: Also go read Simon’s post.

Onii-chan Theatre: Sure Beats Eggs And Vinegar 11

Well fuck me that was a serious net outage. Well, not an entire outage, but it’d go down ever 10-15 minutes. And a man just can’t make videos about shitty porn like that. It’s a science fact. But that’s ok because I’m back online now and things are back on course… unless I end up playing too much Battlefield Bad Company 2, which is a very real danger.

Anyway, today we delve into the world of what would happen if a strung-out, heroin-addicted art student made an erotically themed anime. And, oh yes, it’s as wonderful as it sounds.