Onii-chan Explains #2: Onii-chan Goes To War

Ok, ok. I don’t really go to war. But I talk about… well, a war. I can’t promise this will be of interest to you, but I was asked by an active duty infantryman to talk about my thoughts on the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I’m not the type of guy to shirk a request from a soldier. Especially not one that lets me prattle on like an idiot for 45 minutes.

That said, if you don’t want to hear a lot of talk about the sort of bullshit that goes on in America as regards a fairly unpopular piece of our foreign affairs then it might be in your best interests to skip over this one. I’m not so much explaining anything as I am talking about some personal thoughts in a form that other people can hear at the behest of someone with a vested interest in it. Also, I probably repeat myself a good bit, but I do that when I am trying to make sure I get all my thoughts out there over the course of 45 minutes with no script. Haha.

Still, some people might just like the soothing sound of my manly voice, and fuck it, that’s good enough. So… I would say please enjoy, but that doesn’t seem quite right for this episode. Probably not as funny as you’d expect a podcast about a war with Islamic extremists to be.

On the plus side, it gave me a fucking stellar reason to post tits and guns. Two of my favorite things. Oh and a little tidbit, this is the 100th post on OCnE. Hooray?

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given the circumstances and contents of the post, I think “hoo-rah” would be slightly more appropriate. HA! see? I read the intro blurp that time.


I enjoyed this episode; it was a nice change.


Hoo-Rah? Damn Marine. Thanks again Bud for answering my email so quick and giving me a little more insight on the civilian side.


Logical argument there. Americanism has evolved and now the concept itself is just laughable. I respect soldiers as an occupation as it takes alot to be one and one that is worth more than bankers.

Many people forget that soldiers are not completely responsible for what they do, it is the politicians that gave the orders.

I hate big titty blonde women.


Before I get anywhere near anything serious. I agree with the short hair. Personally small girls that have a good smile is what I am in to. tits and such are nice to pass the time with but the freaky librarian chick will suit me just fine. got to love a chick that is smarter than me. If you can’t have a conversation with a girl with words bigger than 3 syllables thats no good in my book. Ok. I have been heavily drinking the past few weeks so the emails I have been sending are ridiculous as is. No… Read more »


PS. Hooah is army. Oorah is marines.

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