Onii-chan Radio: I Read You 12

Yeah buddy. Life’s good. Livin’ large. Really? No. But that’s fine. Let’s get on with it! The first fucking Onii-chan Radio in a while. What’d we talk about? Life, love, and girls with penises. It’s a can’t miss episode guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat for the full 90 ridiculous fucking minutes can’t anyone shut this asshole up? For the love of god.

So what’d I review? Only Icarus Publishing’s latest book: Read Me. I can’t exactly link the store entry because Simon is a lazy cunt who’s not got it up on his site yet. But please do go out and get yourself a copy. It’s well worth it. What else was I going to talk about? Fuck, I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ve already run on for 90 minutes in the podcast proper, so I’ll see you fuckers in a week, eh?

Oh right, I was going to link the Lawrence Krauss talk discussed in the podcast.


Please do enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: I Read You

  • Paellin

    hey, could you post that YouTube link in the comments? i tried to get it down but I’m streaming and i can’t rewind apparently.

  • Mojo

    by “I’m willing to pay the 60$ a game costs overseas every once in a while” I meant that I can buy a game from Shopto.net or a similar online game store once in a while. I can also rent a game for 2 weeks at the reasonable price of 11$ here.

  • VZ

    Since I wrote that ask Onii-chan, I got my facebook account back. I took off my art from there. I’ll stick with my Deviantart and blog.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Well… you gotta do what you gotta do, right? But yeah, there’s likely plenty for you to play on the 360, I own a PS3 and I dig it, but that’s because I can get games when I want them. Haha. So it’s really down to that.

    Good news, I guess? Fuck Facebook.

    The Dubliners. Best Irish band there ever was. Haha.

  • VZ

    Hmmn, I didn’t think you disliked buying DVD’s of anime so much. Still for me, I enjoy purchasing the shows I enjoy. Yeah, there’s a lot of screw ups in the R1 industry (much of it due to Japanese lack of insight on the western market) but generally I feel good that I gave my support for a show I enjoyed. Mind you, anime pretty much the only type of DVD’s I buy (er, that and anything of the original Transformers).

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