Onii-chan Theatre: The Downside To Buttons 7

Well, it’s finally here! The last of the Yuletide episodes! I know you fuckers are already out of the spirit of the season, but Odin loves to get down and HE KNOWS NOT WHEN TO QUIT! So I’ve given him a warrior woman befitting the final episode of my tribute! EXCLAMATION POINT! Yep.

Still, I think we’ve had ourselves a pretty good episode for the last one. Went well. The Lone Ranger showed up, it was a good time. I’ve got nothing to say about it, though. I mean I’ve had to do nine of these fucking things, can’t I catch a fucking break? COME ON!

7 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: The Downside To Buttons

  • manga

    Oh, this old classic show.

    Watched this very first ep and then I never wanted to hear about it again.

    But you made it completely watchable.

    Thanks for creating this 9 day erotic marathon with comments :) Great variety of shows and comments.

    Looking forward to the podcast.

  • Mischif

    Dammit, I was waiting for her to flip out and turn into the Hulk at the end, but they ended it. I am so glad they had the chick go upside some fuckers’ heads in this one, she could be my gf but I’d be afraid of her roundhouse kicking me in the head during sex.

    I love her look in the beginning, she’s like “If I get loose, I swear to God the first thing I will do is fuck your ass up. You better not let me loose.”

    I woulda totally loved her to flip the script on them, but I guess you can only have so much kick-ass in one anime.

    All-in-all, this was a great way to end the nine nights.

  • Clams

    Bahahaha! Animators seem to have never seen genitalia. They watch their mosaic’d porn and leave the rest to their imagination.

    Good times.

  • J4jackass

    Haha~ that guy when he stares at the teacher when she picks up the ruler reminds me of Kaiba from Yu-gi-oh!

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