Onii-chan Theatre: Burke-tan’s Semi-Landed Gentry

Well how’s that title for a reference no one will get until they go look it up on the Google Machine. It’s ok though. I know at least a couple of you will pretend you got it without looking it up. It’s the way of the intertron. I won’t judge you harshly, I promise.

Ok, I will judge you harshly, but that’s hardly the point. Here we are with episode eight of nine. Just one more on the morrow and we’ll be done with this insane trail of ridiculous mockery. And life will go on and the children will run wild in the streets and we’ll get back to a slightly more sane schedule. There’ll be a podcast next weekend or maybe around Thursday in which I will be reviewing Read Me! and answering any questions I’ve gotten. LOOK FORWARD TO IT!