Onii-chan Theatre: A Dish Best Served With Butter

Back again with another snack for your butts! A sorrowful tale of revenge! Exclamation point! I’m really having trouble writing a description for this one. Not a whole lot to say about it. It has nurses, I guess? That’s good enough. I mean, I really just need to fill a little bit of space with text so the video doesn’t get lonely when no one’s watching it.

What? You didn’t know that was what the description text was for? Ahh, to be young again. Yeah, this is really rambling. I just have nothing to say at the moment. !! Oh shit! Maybe the blacks stole my description! Those mother fuckers.

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10 years ago

You want pain?

Professor Pain it is for you then :p

I wonder if the creators have done any work for Team Ninja? With the whole boob physics I mean? DOAX had breasts get their own free will as well.

I wonder what tomorrow shall bring?

10 years ago

First off, I love the fact that we got a random scene of a chick jerking off with a bong she prob brought from home, unless she works at one of those medical marijuana hospitals, which would make everything make more sense. Next, I wish you could have thought up a Harry potter spell when he was getting his dick polished and you know she just wanted to stick his dick in her mouth. Wangardium Leviosa! I love the blue-haired chick’s rocket nipples, and how could you not say anything about her inexplicable ass juices! I mean, I might not… Read more »

10 years ago

that was magical.

10 years ago

i was eating apple sause when you were talking about stabbed bobbies and you said the excauses things and i spited it up on my keyboard

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