Onii-chan Theatre: O Gang-rape, My Gang-rape

I take time out of my busy fucking Harvest Moon playing schedule to make these episodes for you people and what do I get in return? One of the most boring episodes of anything I’ve ever seen in my life. Sweet monkey fuck, what’s a man to do? Whatever, I wasted my hours encoding and so forth, so here you go. I promise episodes, not quality episodes.

That said, it is much more fun for me when there’s something interesting to watch. But that’s fine. We’ll happen across another deliciously good episode at some point. You can’t just go expected to get this or that thing. YOU HAVE TO TAKE WHATEVER RANDOM EPISODE I PICK! THEM’S THE RULES!

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10 years ago

If it had more sex scenes, it could actually be good. Perhaps the 2nd episode has more of it since now the teacher is done for and addicted to the dude.

Nice and funny episode, thanks!

10 years ago

This teacher had so many outs that you can’t even feel sorry for her getting raped; I mean, they made her seem so gangsta, she broke a kid’s nose from getting slapped in the beginning, but then when she has a chance to crush her rapist’s balls to GTFO, she doesn’t even go for it! I mean, the fuck?

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