Onii-chan Theatre: That Sort Of Evening

Did I get lazy just because the new year has come to kill us all? Maybe a little bit, but that’s fine, right? Yuletide episode four of nine is IN OUR FACE! OH MAN! How did it come out, you ask? Well… you know, I was sort of distracted by snack cakes. They call to me. Right, but I’m getting off topic. Watch the new episode and enjoy it if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m boring myself with this crap. DRAGGING ON WHEN I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL WANT! YOU WANT MY VIDEOS! Well… FINE! JERK! Here it is. Two episodes for the price of one.

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Bring Back the Bomb
Bring Back the Bomb
10 years ago

You didn’t comment on the horrible CGI backgrounds? That’s surprising.

10 years ago

What can I say more than hilarious?

He was trying to create breasts out of mud or something. Looked like he was trying to form them in the first ep.

And in the second they apparently were something to eat?

I have to say I learn so much on how NOT to do things while watching these episodes.

Will await the next one. Trap dancers you said?

10 years ago

Must’ve been the worst hentai anime I’ve ever seen lol.

Thanks for the up, always fun watching your stuff.

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