Onii-chan Theatre: Well, A Wave Of Something Anyway

HO HO HO! And such. I hope all you sexy people had a fun Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, or martyrdom depending on your preferences and/or flight number. Well, whatever you did this season, my patron god Odin is never pleased unless this time of year is celebrated with a feast, a fuck, and gifts aplenty. So by way of appeasing The Wanderer, I am going to be doing nine episodes of Onii-chan Theatre as my Yuletide gift to you unwashed masses. Why nine? Look it up, asshole. Fuck sake. What do I pay you people for?

Anyway, episode one is Luv Wave. Not as funny as I’d had hoped originally, but hey! They can’t all be zingers… especially when you pick a show that’s fairly well animated…

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As always, great work :)

And I see you got the theme to change when it´s a video. Nice.

Looking forward to everything else that will come from you these coming days.

Keep it up man!


Lol! I laughed so hard. “He’s doing something.. his pants aren’t open and she has no vagina.” This was great man, I stumbled upon it randomly from google but mm, loving it.


at the end, for the “next time preview” it actually says the 2st process. I laughed.


I laughed my brains out

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