Onii-chan Theatre: No Real Family Resemblance


Episode two of nine of my run for the glory of Odin. That’s right, kids. He knows when you are sleeping… and he’ll kill you if you fuck with him. Much like the protagonist in tonight’s somewhat unsettling episode of Onii-chan Theatre. He seemed like such a nice boy at the beginning, if a little eager to fuck strangers… usually when I get an e-mail from a stranger it involves them asking for my bank account information in one way or another and very rarely leads to sex of any sort… which is sort of a let down, if I’m honest. Here’s hoping one of those 31 girls who read the site warm to the idea one day… ok, not really. I’m sure they’re all diseased and hateful beings. At least… that makes me feel better about the neglect.

Right! On with the show. Oh and I upped the bitrate on the video a bit, let me know if you notice an improvement. I didn’t see much of one, so I might just drop it back down. But let me know since I didn’t watch the whole thing.

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10 years ago

Just the kind of episode you would enjoy talking about. Which is good. Since the earlier one was not so much talk, but it was indeed a good episode.

Not that much to complain about in the previous episode.

I´m amazed you didn´t say anything about when the green chick had one of her breasts covering the whole guy´s head. That looked hilarious.

Hilarious episode. I can´t wait to see what comes next.

10 years ago

It was really lolworthy.
Pick the right show with action shots, add comments with the perfect timing, mix it with weird physics/anatomy and BAMP! … the perfect show.
Thx, this made my day.
Also if you’re still asking why this show sounded “familiar” (AH HA, putting jokes here and there) it’s because you already did Akiba Kei Kanojo. (ep 1 of OCnE theatre) : same producer, same characters (the weirdo-guy and the purple-hair chick), same pink-saliva-liquid-thing … seeing it?

10 years ago

These videos make hentai actually enjoyable.
Thanks for the laughs.

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