Onii-chan Radio: Holes Are Overrated 5


What’s that? A new layout and new content? This motherfucker’s really not slacking these days.

Well, I figured I might as well keep moving things along with a little review since I needed to pass the time. Today I’m reviewing a book called Imouto no Ana, which isn’t out in the US so feel free to steal the fuck out of it, just don’t ask me where to get it since I’m the sort of guy who buys his books at Japanese bookshops most of the time.

Got some exciting stuff coming from some people who have signed up to contribute to the shrine of Onii-chan. Haha, at least that’s how I’m choosing to think of it. Anyway, ON WITH THE SHOW!

5 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Holes Are Overrated

  • manga

    Nice podcast as always.

    Laughed for a large part of it.

    Will look forward to when the design is 100% finished. This rocks though. Only hope that you´ll fix some small things.

    But for this version I really dig it.

  • Paellin

    You piqued my curiosity enough to download it, I have to say, I’m not really disappointed, the only problem i found was that it starts to get repetitive fairly quickly. Good podcast though, can’t wait for the next.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    This one was a good bit more repetitive than they usually are… but then I don’t make them by way of trying to trick people into downloading them.

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