The Design Is Live 10


Maybe the slower among you hadn’t noticed yet, but hey, it’s all gravy. Yes sir, the new layout is up and running, and there’s still some shit for me to get done, but in the mean time, I think this is good enough. Obviously gotta fix the way the forum looks, but still, it’s operable. That forum is a pain in the ass to edit.

Oh, and the top area on the main page will be more useful when I have more writers. So, in the next week or so. And I know the Onii-chan Theatre pages don’t look like the thingy from before… yet. Like I said, I still have some stuff to do. But that shit ugly brown thing had to go. IT HAD TO GO!

But that’s fine! Also, some users have reported having issues with the flash players loading for videos and podcasts. I wanted to point out that there is a bug in the newest Flash player that causes this in Firefox, but you can still download shit fine, and the players will load if you click the spot they SHOULD be a couple of times.

Hope you guys dig the new theme!

10 thoughts on “The Design Is Live

  • manga

    Looks good and I have nothing to comment on since you know what I would have said.So I don´t have a reason for that, only to get a new line of words to see if the commenting is stupid for me.I do dig the new theme. Looks nice on the eyes.Where is the post image from? Visual novel or anime?

  • Jem

    Yay!!!! Talk about good timing. My laptop was out of commission for some time now and I hadn’t seen any updates on your site.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    I didn’t put a 10px margin in the top image since I wanted it to feel more like a post header than just a throw away image. Uniformity and all that jazz. It’s possible that I’m the only one who likes that idea but hey, I like that idea. Haha.

    I’m not done with the sidebars by a long shot. I just had most of the layout done, so I went ahead and put it live since the old one was making me violently ill.

    As for the darker main text area, I can’t say it looks bad, but something about it makes me want to go to sleep rather than looking around the site. :D That and the blue links you put in only work with the dark background, I originally tried them with that color and they lacked any sort of impact and made the site look bland and monochromatic.

    Also, that progress bar is not awesome. Sorry. I do plan on changing the bar for the polls, but not to anything like that. Haha.

    GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK! *thumbs up*

  • Reikon

    I can’t tell you how I think about the layout because I’m too busy looking at the image for this post. I need to know where it’s from.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Since TWO WHOLE people asked (so many!) about the post image, it’s a piece Bosshi (of AskRay/Futabu fame) made for PLX TO NJOI

  • Krystalyx

    Oh well, i guess it’s matters of likes and dislikes … but having to keep my eyes on a screen for like 5/6 hours a day makes me in need of a monochrome view.
    Not that i plan to browse OCnE from my workplace (it’s just a bit nsfw) but i need it … smooter :\/
    Guess i’ll have to run my “patch-on-load.js” to get it done.

    Also was not my intention to criticize your theme, it was just a suggestion, just it, don’t get angry at me and insult my progress bars ;_;

    Looking for the next improvements.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Haha, not angry at all, just figured I’d point out my thoughts on it since you were so brazen as to link it. :D

    Still, I probably spend 12-14 hours a day right here in front of my two 24in monitors, and I am JUST FINE. So I have come to the conclusion that you are weak. WEAK I SAY! BWAHAHAHAH!

  • pyromancer413

    lol weakness

    i like the new layout n shit but its soo bright… AHHHHH BRIGHTNESS jk i had to think of something else to say

    picture is total win

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