Onii-chan Theatre: Suteshi’s Mom Has Got It Going On

What a hilarious title. HILARIOUS, DAMNIT! Today we go into an eroanime so painstakingly nondescript that I am not even really clear as to who is fucking whom until about two-thirds of the way through. Not too shabby.

Also, I casually mention at the end that I might be looking for some people to write stuff for the site. If you think you’re funny and you think you can put together coherent piece of writing every two weeks, please do shoot me a line via the Ask Onii-chan page.

And yes, I am going to redesign this motherfucker to be custom and have some extra special features and some extra community shit. Until then, enjoy this new episode. Oh also got the initial episode of Onii-chan Explains coming up in a few days… unless I can think of a better name for it.