Onii-chan Theatre: Just Like At Khe Sanh 11


What a terrible tenth episode of Onii-chan Theatre this is going to be. Mostly because I caught onto something that MIGHT’VE been funny, but it was sort of late. OH WELL! Who cares, we can always just do it better next time, am I right or what? Yeah, I wouldn’t go along with that either. What a slipshod job I do around this motherfucker.

Anyway, sorry it’s a bit late. I had a busy and involved weekend.

11 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: Just Like At Khe Sanh

  • pyro

    i thought it was fucking hilarious.

    and i think he was the one who you said looked like a queer and the guy from fist of the north star

  • Kyaa the Catlord

    His cane has one ball. ONE BALL.

    Seriously, that could have used a blue on blonde scene or something. Maybe in episode 2. Something. Maybe more plot. Probably more fucking. With less clothes.

    “He’s got fur on his dick.” That killed me.

  • manga


    Just a big grin on my face troughout the whole thing.

    But I´m glad you didn´t keep the war jokes going trough the whole episode. It was just fine as it is now.

  • Mischif

    I am totally gonna smack women around while I fuck them in like two petticoats and a frilly shirt now cuz I see that’s how you’re supposed to do it to be classy.

  • Mischif

    Onii-Chan, would you be adverse to double-teaming an OCT? I would love to see (hear?) you playing off someone else while making fun of seemingly bored tenticles and purple nipples the size of saucers.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    … I’m not Josh. My name is Randall.

    So I’d assume that, no, Josh does not narrate hentai. But I will assume he enjoys it deeply.

  • Namo

    Man, this was the best one so far. I lost it when you said “He’s got a fucked up leg, a fucked up shin, he’s missing an eye and he’s just taking it out on everybody.” That was excellent, just excellent.

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