Onii-chan Theatre: Just Like At Khe Sanh

What a terrible tenth episode of Onii-chan Theatre this is going to be. Mostly because I caught onto something that MIGHT’VE been funny, but it was sort of late. OH WELL! Who cares, we can always just do it better next time, am I right or what? Yeah, I wouldn’t go along with that either. What a slipshod job I do around this motherfucker.

Anyway, sorry it’s a bit late. I had a busy and involved weekend.

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i thought it was fucking hilarious.

and i think he was the one who you said looked like a queer and the guy from fist of the north star

Kyaa the Catlord
Kyaa the Catlord

His cane has one ball. ONE BALL.

Seriously, that could have used a blue on blonde scene or something. Maybe in episode 2. Something. Maybe more plot. Probably more fucking. With less clothes.

“He’s got fur on his dick.” That killed me.



Just a big grin on my face troughout the whole thing.

But I´m glad you didn´t keep the war jokes going trough the whole episode. It was just fine as it is now.


I am totally gonna smack women around while I fuck them in like two petticoats and a frilly shirt now cuz I see that’s how you’re supposed to do it to be classy.


We need to see more of the horse. Or the one with the weird reporter. Or the one with the violin. This was just too tame.


Onii-Chan, would you be adverse to double-teaming an OCT? I would love to see (hear?) you playing off someone else while making fun of seemingly bored tenticles and purple nipples the size of saucers.


Oh my god… Josh is that you? You narrate hentai!!?!


Nice Lebowski reference!


Man, this was the best one so far. I lost it when you said “He’s got a fucked up leg, a fucked up shin, he’s missing an eye and he’s just taking it out on everybody.” That was excellent, just excellent.

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