Onii-chan Radio: Probably Can’t Even Get A Woman 10


Hello, miladies. Fuck the lads, they can fuck off. I want the woman for myself. BWAHAHAHA! Shame I can’t get them and they’d never look my way or accept my hobbies and so one. It’s almost like I’m foreshadowing the nature of this podcast, huh? Well, welcome, my friends, to the 20th episode of Onii-chan Radio. It’s actually sort of halfway on time in a way. Sorry about the site problems lately. It’s been one thing after another, but I think we’re sorted now.

So with all that said, please enjoy this podcast. I had four questions to answer and somehow rambled on for over an hour. Good times. And yes, I love the manga that image is from.

10 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Probably Can’t Even Get A Woman

  • VZ

    You’re one of the smartest person on the internet. Thanks for sticking up for the guys like me.

    My blog is linked when you click my name here.

  • Dando008

    I agree with Crasty and say your thoughts on all of the topics discussed were insightful. Quite the record having 4 questions down in an hour and fifteen minutes.

  • NoDeath

    I agree entirely with VZ, you really are one of the smartest and most open minded individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. The podcast was completely unfunny in every way, shape and form but that hardly matters because it was enlightening and entertaining regardless. Congrats to Volpix (not sure if that’s how you spell it as I’m only going off how you pronounced it) all the best to him and his special lady.

  • VZ

    I’m glad that you called out to Daryl Sarat. I mean, I like some of the same stuff he likes and is funny but when it comes to moe/lolicon/anything sexual he’ll get all moral nazi on it. I wouldn’t be so annoyed with him if he wasn’t in the limelight of the anime scene (having the podcast, Otaku USA mag and his interview on ANN now).

  • Re-L

    Self-improvement and growth? There couldn’t have been a more appropriate and relevant picture for this blog’s header. Kudos.

  • Kitouski

    Congratulations Vulpix, always glad to hear someone found a person to share their life with. ^^

    Awesome podcast, just downright beautiful. I’ve always had the same belief and same track of mind of, “do what makes you happy, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone” and it really is a nice feels to hear someone else trying to send that message across. (I can post a hour long speal in agreement about what you had to say, but no one wants read that, let’s be frank.)I found it enlightening and actually quite hilarious and it made my day.

  • Vulpix

    Hey, I just finished listening to the podcast. I’ll get my thoughts out there while they’re still fresh… and while I have a few minutes to spare.

    First of all, thanks for all the congratulations, both to you and commenters Kyaa, Kitsouski, and NoDeath above.

    It was a pleasure hearing you discuss my question–and the other three questions–with such directness and sincerity. I could never ask the question I asked you to a person, say, at work, but you answer our questions about subjects like lolicon and futanari as casually as most people would talk about what was on TV last night. In an odd way, it’s comforting.

    I’ve taken your advice into serious consideration. I wish I could tell you what I was going to do, but the truth is I need more time to think. I suppose I’ll wait until we’re been married for a while and feel things out.

    Side note: You are hilarious. I laughed out loud at least five times listening to this podcast, and I rarely laugh out loud at anything. Or maybe it’s just that I really love a good ass-fucking joke. In any case… keep up the fine work, sir. :)

  • Onii-chan Post author


    Yeah, take your time with it. Nothing should ever be rushed. Haha. Especially not in a situation like that.

    But yeah, I do talk about those things extremely casually because in my mind they’re just another part of being human. Religions and fucked up ideas of modesty and morality have led us to feel guilty for our own sexuality and liking the things we like.

    They’re not any more strange than people flying in airplanes, they’re just one of the last strongholds of idiocy in the world. Haha. I mean think about when these ideals were created, and by whom. They’re not built upon forward thinking ideas, they’re just old ways of life that haven’t been challenged yet. And for some reason most cultures seem to think it’s shameful. It’s as old an idea as being stoned to death for disagreeing with the wishes of your parents. It’s ridiculous. BUT THAT’S A DISCUSSION FOR ANOTHER TIME!

    Congratulations again, and do enjoy your marriage. haha. Glad you enjoy my sense of humor.

    Everyone else:
    Thanks for the ego stroking. Hahaha. Really I just hope people take the message and run with it in their own lives rather than listening to me about things. Then it can influence the people around you and so on and so forth. AND EVENTUALLY THE WORLD GETS A LITTLE BIT BETTER! Maybe. Haha.

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