Alaskan Politicians Threatening Loli

I don’t have anything prepped for this week, so I’m just going to let it slide past and put together another Onii-chan Theatre for next week. Hope you don’t mind. Been a drought of stuff to review and the willpower to get it done. But that’s fine, I’ll get back around to it soon enough.

However, in the mean time, if you’re from Alaska, or just a concerned lover of free speech, please be sure to educate yourselves about the proposed anti-loli state-level law put forward by some douchebag up there.

I’ve sent an e-mail to the ACLU of Alaska and hopefully they’ll get on this thing sooner rather than later, but that remains to be seen. Still, if you want to help out, especially if you’re an ACLU member in Alaska, please shoot them an e-mail and let them know about what’s happening and that you’d like to see them get on this as quickly as possible. The PROTECT Act is a bad enough slap in the face of civil liberties without things starting to get this way on the state level. Especially when there is legal precedence on our side put forth by a state level judge as it is.

Thanks in advance for helping out and look forward to the next Onii-chan Theatre. And remember, just because you don’t like lolis, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help protect the rights of people who do.

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10 years ago

Great pic.

WTF is this this country coming to these days?

10 years ago

I’m trying to send a ask onii-chan question but I’m having trouble. Can you fix that?

10 years ago

Must be my browser then.

10 years ago

Sent it in yesterday. You’ll like it. Shows just how retard Americunt anime fans really are.

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