Onii-chan Theatre: Super Wife Fighter II Turbo 5


Man, sometimes…. sometimes you come across a show that leaves you fairly speechless as to how EXACTLY to go about insulting it. Today’s show is one such show. I feel like I got on top of it towards the second half of the episode, but man, wow. What a fuckhorrible piece of animation this is. Right, well that’s enough talking. Let’s get down to business and post this motherfucker up. Please enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: Super Wife Fighter II Turbo

  • darsh

    And now I have spit on my screen from laughing so damn much, great theatre.

    They should have called it “Deformed Wife with 2 Clitorises vs. Vega & Dan” (that’s all I got for that guy).

    Her nipples were pointing in two different directions near the end, for God’s sake, who thought that was a good job?

  • Azy

    Who would get off on this? her fucking vagina looked like closed curtains, just fold after fold. nasty shite right there. Thanks for the commentary!!!

  • Pyrus

    Husband neglects wife
    Wife fools around
    Husband brings home man wife fooled around with
    Man seduces & blackmails wife in front of husband
    Man makes wife unknowingly do husband in hotel room
    And a good time was had by all, but the wife feels guilty

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