Onii-chan Radio: Man, I Wish He Would Shut The Fuck Up 11


Haha. Hey ladies. Miss me? Well good. Sorry for the delay. Nothing to review but a ton of questions to answer, so I answered those motherfuckers. Enjoy them. We’re back on schedule for things to go on as they do. Got a theatre either later this week or next week. Depends on what I feel like doin’. Aww yeah. Good to be back.

And because I love the motherfucker who drew the banner, here is his site.

UPDATE: Sorry if anyone watched that straight away. Fucking thing had some encoding errors. Just re-uploaded the fixed version.

11 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Man, I Wish He Would Shut The Fuck Up

  • VZ

    Great show. Thank you for answering my questions as always.

    Oh well, I guess it’s a wasted attempt to try and convince people to buy anime.

  • Vulpix

    I found this episode quite enjoyable. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. There’s no need to apologize for your absence, as I understand you are providing this service for free. I greatly appreciate your generosity.

    I found your list of recommended titles quite useful. Among others, I looked into Kodomo No Jikan, which I’m disappointed to see does not have a legal North American DVD release.

    You know, I happen to agree that Philip Seymour Hoffman is the best actor working today, Mei is the hottest Popotan character, and that masturbation will change your life. I’m still not sold on the dick-girl thing, though. You can keep that to yourself.

  • VZ

    “I looked into Kodomo No Jikan, which I’m disappointed to see does not have a legal North American DVD release.”

    Well considering how some moral panic alarmists got the manga released pulled.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Yeah, KnJ will likely never come out here. Though if I ever get my manga company started, it’s the first title I intend to go after.

    Still, legal US DVD releases just stand in the way of enjoying lots of great shows in my opinion, so there you go.

  • VZ

    Oh and I enjoyed Popotan too. I can’t decide which girl from that show I liked the most. Actually, I liked the shrine maiden girl who’s grandfather didn’t want her celebrating Christmas.

    To add to your list, I also recommend the 80’s OVA’s Fight! Iczer-1, Hades Project Zeorymer and Megazone 23 Part 1 & 2

  • darsh

    Good show, got my question answered, & I have some titles to check out. Couldn’t fap to your voice though, maybe if you looked like a woman.

    Have you seen Bastard!!? (It’s where I got the name Darsh).

    And that last question sounds like something out of a manga.

  • Mischif

    I have a question I didn’t get around to sending: would you ever consider doing a tag-team Onii-Chan Theater? I would love to see (or hear) you riffing with someone else.

  • Reikon

    Regarding hentai not having story nowadays, I think most people moved on to eroge for story and sex. The hentai anime industry seems to be dying. There’s not that much demand for it anymore.

    And as for the relationship simulator, we’re getting one step closer with Love Plus. I guess they wanted to make it a feel good game, so there’s no breaking up or stuff like that. But hey, maybe in the future. It probably wouldn’t be that fun, but there are masochists out there.

    @Onii-chan: I wonder if Seven Seas still has the license for the Kodomo no Jikan manga. They decided not to publish it, but I don’t think they ever specified if they gave up the license or not.

  • Dando008

    Man…you got me listening to Eddie Rath’s song so much…I had to get the MP3 myself. It seems though that the song Manganime is my favorite one out of all his songs. Still, it is a great ass song!

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