Sickness has Many Names

And in my case it was persistent cough.

Didn’t expect to see me back, did you fuckers? HA! Happy Thursday, or Friday for those of you who are in the wrong part of the world.

Hello, my dear sexfiends. A combination of things has kept me from updating. Firstly, life get in the way for a few weeks there. I was quite busy with some things such as finishing up a screenplay and taking care of some other general shit that just took a while to complete. A portfolio design, some logo work, shit like that. I’m still not done with any of that (aside from the sscreenplay), but that’s where the second bit of bullshit comes in.

For the past month, I’ve had a chronic cough. I’m still not entirely over it, but I feel like I’m close enough to being over it that it’s worthwhile for me to post and say that I’ll be returning to recording shit sometime pretty soon. So don’t give up on me. I am thinking that my next podcast will be an all Ask Onii-chan podcast since Simon and Peter decided they hate me and no longer want me to have their porn. Haha. After that I will get some shit together, because YOU HAVE GONE LONG ENOUGH WITHOUT MY AWESOME… you know… stuff.

Oh and if anyone knows any movie producers or famous people, please do shoot me a line. Haha.

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11 years ago

Oh hai! (from the wrong side of the world)
Autumn is coming, and seems you’re already suffering it.
Glad to see you’re almost back, really missing your pr0n stuff here.

11 years ago

Get well soon. Hope to hear a new show.

11 years ago

Screenplay? If it’s a stage play/musical I know somebody in NY.

11 years ago

Glad you’re back!

11 years ago

I was starting to think your stash of lolicon hentai had been discovered by angry Republicans and you’d been lynched to death. Glad you’re alive! I’m looking forward to the podcast.

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