Onii-chan Theatre: Wide Asses Wasn’t Meant Literally 13


Well! I was late again. Fuck sake am I lazy. Well, certainly there’s nothing to fear from this magical episode! After all we’ve already covered all the questionable acts one could commit, right? Right. Ok, that’s enough blabber. Let’s get this motherfucking show on the sexbutt, amirite? I think I’m right. Enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Onii-chan Theatre: Wide Asses Wasn’t Meant Literally

  • manga

    I´m no big expert in sex, but when he goes for round two where she “uses the toilet” I don´t think he came before that. Therefore he´s still hard and can go on.

    She on the other hand came.

    At least that is how it looked to me. Correct me if I´m wrong.

  • Krystalyx

    Loved this show, and with no poop this time!

    I almost have to explain my parent the reason for my LoLing when i saw the part with the guy-with-the-weirdest-plastic-dick-ever.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Holy shit, comments…

    I feel like you’re concentrating a little too hard on the action, there. Damn Swedes and your lack of comedy! Haha. THIS WAS A JOKE MANGA! CALM DOWN!

    No poop, indeed! So wait, pee is ok but poop is a no go? You people have some very strange and arbitrary standards. I think your parents would have enjoyed a good plastic dick joke, though. Maybe you should have let them in on it.

    Seeing the Getaro reference, it’s almost possible, you know? Well, maybe not the Bleach one due to timelines. But damned if they don’t look a bit alike as well.

    THANK YOU! Fucking hated that puffy haircut bullshit.

  • manga

    You got me again with the same old trick. Man I really need to understand the basic of comedy.

    At least you´re having fun while doing this and answering my comments so I guess all is good :)

  • Catrophy

    why is it that ive seen all these that you’re reviewing beforehand =/
    guys haircut was dumb
    and what the fuck was with the alien. is every hentai required to have at least ONE sub-human? its terrifying

  • Dando008

    That was pretty funny how you saw the “piece of paper” fly by. It’s like the girl’s panties somehow magically fallen off and gets blown away by the wind. I assume it was hers since she was pantyless to begin with.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Look, clearly underwear don’t move like that in a light breeze. Unless there was some sort of 40MPH gust blowing through the classroom anyway. I feel a gust like that might’ve been more noticeable.

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