Onii-chan Radio: Places You Shouldn’t Smell 8


I can actually promise you that, being as this is an audio file, you will not see any poop this week. So have no fear! This week I answer a bunch of fun questions and talk about Icarus Publishing’s new book Scarlet Desire. Nothing in the book is red, but whatever. That’s not really important right now. Anyway, please do keep sending good questions and enjoy the podcast.

8 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Places You Shouldn’t Smell

  • Kitouski

    Don’t sweat the name, was only giving you a hard time before, lol. You got it right this time though. Thanks for answering the questions, loved the show, as always.

    Also yeah, I added the douchebag. xD

  • pkt

    Where’s does the image in this post originate? I recall viewing something very similar on another website but I can’t remember the name of it.

  • pkt

    Kashiwamochi Yomogi

    I figured it out, anyone who was looking for such a thing like I was then feel free to check things out.

  • HG

    Completely agree with you about Haruhi-ists. It’s gotten so bad that I think it’s high time we started lumping them into the ‘annoying anime fan’ category along with Naruto and Inu Yasha fans. We can even start coming up with contemptous names for ’em, like “Hee-tards” for example.

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