Onii-chan Radio #17: She Doesn’t Seem So Cursed To Me

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well. That’s too many wells… Ok let’s reign this description in and get on with shit. This week there’s a SPECIAL SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT! And we review the Icarus Publishing title The Girl With A Thousand Curses. WHICH Simon does not have on his web store, so check your local retailers. So enjoy the podcast and do go find a copy. Oh, and I said that it was released in April but it actually came out in June due to some delays in the printing process so Icarus could make it look nicer. Looks like they just didn’t update the back bit, I guess? Whatever, doesn’t matter! Enjoy the podcast.

Note: Sound goes a bit wonky at 23:13 for a minute or two due to issues with my soundcard. Apologies about that, not much I can do to fix it at the moment. I’ll get a new mic/soundcard at some point in the future.