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All of you eroge fans out there… you should know just how awesome this is just be reading the title. The news might be a bit delayed because I was busy… you know… researching… stuff… like BlazBlue. But still, JAST announced in Friday at their panel that they’d be releasing AT LEAST three Nitro+ games. The first one being Demonbane to be followed shortly by Jingai Makyou. They said they’d both be out within 12 months… and… man that’s a tall order to fill.

I’ll talk more about it in the AX podcast that’ll be going up later tonight. Might slip to tomorrow if I need to do more… research. digiwombat on PSN if anyone wants to get shitstomped… I mean… I bought a lot of good porn. WE’LL TALK ABOUT ALL THAT LATER! Now I must do some things.

6 thoughts on “Nitro+ Games Coming to America

  • manga

    Thanks for the info :)

    I´ll add ya later for some hopefully good matches. Need to fight a bit first to find out what character I want to use.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    The anime versions of eroge are almost always far, far worse than the games. I mean, the games have tons of branches, more character development, etc, etc.

    So yeah, I guess it’s an exception. Rather I think that it’s that the game isn’t bad, the anime just does a poor job adapting it (Fate/stay night, et al)

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Yeah, that’s old news. Most of these games already have either pieces of them translated or what have you, but to stop you from continuing to say stupid things let me give you this way of thinking about it.

    Part A: OMFG LUCKY STAR… already fansubbed.

    Part B: Fan translated != uncensored CGs

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