Mini-Machinations: Corruption and Attractive People

So, I wrote a giant fucking comment in response to Ritchan (which was triggered by my talking briefly about why I think ugly dudes show up so often in eroanime) and I figured I might as well post it up proper so people can see what I was talking about since it’s like… kinda long. Here’s his comment for clarity:


Hey Randall, you make some good points. But would a person who imagines themselves as more attractive than they are watch porn? As an “attractive” person, shouldn’t the person exclude himself from the porn-watching segment? Only when his pride breaks and he sees himself in the mirror do these types of people sit down and watch other people getting it on.

I mean, people in denial. I suppose you could relate this to your guest blog “Your Mom and La Blue Girl: BFF”.

Naaah, see. Ok, sex is a base instinct. Arousal and so on are common to all humans, but familiarity with that sort of thing basically just means you’re more willing to be turned on by various types of stuff. That has very little to do with the baseline enjoyment that we derive from viewing pornography or nudity in general.

Men, and some women, have VERY strong visual centers, especially when it comes to sex. This comes from our developing as the hunters of our species. We needed to be able to track things so we could kill them, even in low light situations and so on and blah blah blah. So since procreation is necessary to the survival of a species, we find women attractive, which is largely a visual thing for us. Now, I’m skipping some steps in the process there, but they relate to one another in that way.

As a dude, you might’ve noticed that most any time you look at nudity, there’s a fairly positive feeling inside your brain, a sort of warm, “this is good” feeling. Almost every male will have that same feeling unless he’s been conditioned otherwise by some outside force. And even then, he’ll probably still get the feeling, but it will trigger more powerful feelings of guilt, etc, etc.

Anyway. Back to the main point. Attractive people still feel the same sort of mini-rush when they see an attractive woman.

As near as I can figure, the big bulky dude boning the hot, tiny chick is more of a contrast thing. The girls are often seen as something pure and the men indicate a sort of corrupting force. Any time the sex seems sort of immoral or there’s an overtone of corruption, the guy generally looks like he’s seen the business end of a shovel. Usually when it’s between younger people, or there’s a more attractive male present, the sex tends to be portrayed as more pure or at least it doesn’t symbolize the corruption of the female. This isn’t always the case, but I’ve found it’s a fairly common thread.