Onii-chan Radio: Even if She Really is a Chicken 9


I’m sure the title has you scared, but don’t worry lost sheep. I WILL GUIDE YOU BACK TO A PLACE WHERE THE FIELDS ARE GREEN!

That is to say, this week we discuss such far ranging topics as artificial intelligence, my preference in which butts to sex (partially true), and Anime Expo. All that AND a review of Shoujo Material? How does he find the time to do this, you ask? Why is this podcast like… four days late, I hear you cry? Stop being so fucking nosy. Also! New, slightly higher quality encoding just because I felt like it. Only slightly, though. Don’t cream the jeans. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Onii-chan Radio: Even if She Really is a Chicken

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Bizarre? Maaan, that was a nice piece of erotic reading. I could show you things… terrible things! Also confusing things. Things that make you feel ways about stuff…

    So other than the fact that you send some questions, it was a good show? A MAN OF FEW WORDS.

  • Re-l

    I actually really enjoyed the rant in the beginning (robots and AI). Wish you had more non-pr0n topics.

    By the way, the opening/ending music podcasts are really good. I’d love to have your playlist.

  • Onii-chan Post author

    Glad you dug it. If I wasn’t a lazy cunt, I’d do a second podcast weekly that covered non-porn topics. But trying to mix a site that does porn with normal content has a way of bothering people. Still, it’s something I’d sort of like to do, so maybe when I’m strapped for content one week, we’ll get into it. That and when I manage to organize my life a bit better. Still need to finish up that screenplay. Haw.

    As for my musical playlists… well, for this episode… opening song is Alice by Moby. I was listening to it all day, so I figured I’d use it. Ending song is So Ha by Splashdown. They’re a defunct band that was awesome. A lot of their songs are available online for free (legally) but if you can’t find them, feel free to drop me an e-mail and send you the stuff I have.

    So all your parents need to do at Christmas time from now on is answer a few questions and review an eromanga? Somehow I feel they’d likely rather buy you presents, if for no other reason than to maintain the illusion that their child isn’t a pervert. BUT YOU WON’T GET ANY OF THAT AROUND HERE! PERVERTS UNITE!

  • Re-l

    Thanks for the link and the title of those songs; I managed to find them.

    Your last.fm’s library has some of the randomest shit I’ve ever heard. Love it.

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