Onii-chan Radio #14: Execute the Sagara Family

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10 years ago

Thanks a lot for answering, I actually am going to become a nurse practitioner with an bachelors in business administrations. Anyway yes i’ve heard a lot of their racism or at least subdued racism and along the lines of their judgmental thoughts. What i find odd is that their media anime/hentai/sex life is pretty much ready set go without much social repercussions. Apparently it really isn’t so, so if i were to describe the japanese from what i’ve heard…. if you’ve seen the adventures of gulliver or gulliver’s travels think it’s called about him being in some strange society where… Read more »

10 years ago

Good review. At that party where you grab the girl and take her to the love hotell, if you do decide to rape her it basically ends her route there. You have to restrain yourself and then later on choose something. I forgot what choice you have to make but she has one of the funniest CG in the whole game later on. I think the youngest daughter is the easiest to get as the first time around I also got her. But thanks for reminding me about this title. Need to check it out again and decide if it´s… Read more »

10 years ago

Learn to harass people some more, Randall. Play with the quiet girl who keeps to herself.

And what “no content yet” are you talking about?

Subliminal message:

Shoujo Material…

by Naruko Hanaharu…

If you can’t get a copy yet, download at fakku. I guess it would be bad to plug, but whatever. I think they have all chapters there. I earnestly want good perverts to actually read this goody goody book.

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