Onii-chan Theatre: Let’s Go To Hell Together

Well, no point in just writing along with this one for a long time and making you wait for the good stuff. Not that this week’s episode is any good. Enjoy. Here’s hoping we get adjacent cells so we can talk about porn.

Sorry if my volume’s a bit loud. Seems Vegas didn’t level it properly. Just turn the volume down. Fuck sake, Vegas.

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Your comments are so funny.
It’s the first time i visit this page and i have to say that you gained a new reader.
And i agree with you, those heads a disturbingly big


Thanks for giving me a good laugh.


Wow, i saw some clips of this anime, pretty pimp stuff and yes… foreheads do rule this hentai, then again you don’t notice much when you really in the mood for something. anyway funny stuff and god commentary


Girl with huge hair poofy hair whom we first assume is 18 and is legal is wearing the sexy underwear, i think it’s peeking above hey pants type thing. or could be an animator fail moment


I don’t usually watch much animated porn since it bores me to tears. It’s better with comics where you can vary your reading pace. Still, it’s somewhat amusing watching you narrating these things. Towards the end with “desu” (です) I think you’ve maybe gotten a mistaken impression of the use of this word from Rosen Maiden or such. It’s not really a “catch phrase” or the like. It’s something that Japanese use every day in polite conversation. Kinda’ like a period to mark the end of a sentence. “Da” (だ) is one of the more curt variations of a sentence… Read more »


that nzi type gun was a luger. and you didnt notice the david-star on the church @ 11:34? :D

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