A Statement of Fact

In light of the recent closing of erogereview.com I felt there was something of a need for this post. I know that instances such as that make people wonder about the future and about where the sites they enjoy will go. Now, I know my user numbers are far lower than they once were, but I still need to put this on the record.

I will never bow my head to tyranny or injustice of any kind. As an American, I was instilled from a young age with the idea that, above all else, freedom was something that could be counted on. That so long as you didn’t infringe upon the rights of others, you were free to pursue happiness, whatever its shape may be. I believe in those freedoms to my very core and I will fight to secure them, no matter who the enemy.

Onii-chan no Ecchi will never change so long as I have a say. That goes for my hostees as well. They have every right to post the things that they love so long as they’re not infringing upon the rights of others.

At some point, my country seems to have lost sight of that fact by wrapping itself in the idea that it’s protecting an intangible victim from a nonexistent crime. But I won’t follow them down the road of propaganda and fear, no matter how many compatriots fall from my side along the way. Words, ideas, and art should always be free, no matter the content. And, no matter how reasonable the offended party may be, it’s never reasonable to tell a man he can’t think or say or draw or write whatever it might be that comes to his mind.