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In light of the recent closing of erogereview.com I felt there was something of a need for this post. I know that instances such as that make people wonder about the future and about where the sites they enjoy will go. Now, I know my user numbers are far lower than they once were, but I still need to put this on the record.

I will never bow my head to tyranny or injustice of any kind. As an American, I was instilled from a young age with the idea that, above all else, freedom was something that could be counted on. That so long as you didn’t infringe upon the rights of others, you were free to pursue happiness, whatever its shape may be. I believe in those freedoms to my very core and I will fight to secure them, no matter who the enemy.

Onii-chan no Ecchi will never change so long as I have a say. That goes for my hostees as well. They have every right to post the things that they love so long as they’re not infringing upon the rights of others.

At some point, my country seems to have lost sight of that fact by wrapping itself in the idea that it’s protecting an intangible victim from a nonexistent crime. But I won’t follow them down the road of propaganda and fear, no matter how many compatriots fall from my side along the way. Words, ideas, and art should always be free, no matter the content. And, no matter how reasonable the offended party may be, it’s never reasonable to tell a man he can’t think or say or draw or write whatever it might be that comes to his mind.

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what is there to say that haven´t already been said here?
I agree with you Onii-chan. This is terrible. But it gives the americans and people wordwide something else than the more pressing matters to think at and therefore, focus is once again on small innocent stuff that doesn´t need any problem.

I freaking hate when this happends. The world is going down faster than ever before.


A-FUCKING-MEN Onii-chan!


Erogereview could move to freenet… although I wouldn’t be able to read it that easily then.


…tho of course the bigger problem is that it shouldn’t have to move to freenet…


The problem is that people (as a whole) don’t give a shit, they don’t care as long as they can proceed with their ignorant, oblivious little lives, consuming state-regulated media like vacuums. And that’s why “Freedom of Speech” is less and less of a freedom these days, there is almost nobody who stands up, and says; “Hey, wait, this is wrong, innit?”

People need to start giving a fuck, or pretty soon it’s gonna be too late.
And when the time comes, who will be there to tell “The man” he’s way out of line?



What I don’t get is why the post office isn’t in trouble for you know, opening up the guy’s mail? Oh, they won’t get in trouble for that since the end justifies the means (in this case, that they found drawn “CP”).

Fucking nutters I swear. Well as for me, I’ll continue drawing my “creepy” moe artwork (it isn’t creepy at all and if it is, I don’t care).

Simon Jones

Keep in mind Handley’s package was opened and inspected at the border. All foreign mail may be inspected for any reason when they pass through customs. Most often, packages are inspected to verify the taxable value of contents. Incidental exposure through poor/damaged packaging is also possible. Handley had the rotten luck of having his books examined by a particularly squeamish inspector. That makes all the difference between enjoying some imported ero manga in the privacy of your own home legally, to facing 15 years in a federal jail. That’s one of the many ironies of obscenity law… everything is technically… Read more »


Just curious, where is that title picture from? Looks like a Kimikiss doujin…


Yup, sorry to be OT, but I’d truly like to know where the pictures you use are from, particularly this post and the previous 2.
The best would be if you made a habit of letting your sources be known.
…this blog’s just great anyway.

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