The Machinations of Erotism: Jealousy (or Moritheil is a Giant Idiot)

I’ve found these sort of caustic headlines get people to actually read the content that follows them. Pretty clever, eh? It’s not really a Machination of Erotism, but it relates.

Anyway, a little background on what I’m about to go into here. In the manga Kannagi, it is suggest Nagi, the main chick, has fucked before. This sent a rash of ridiculous blog and 2ch posts rippling throughout the internet and since my thumb is ever on the pulse of inane bullshit, I’m posting about a reply post about a bunch of reply posts they I can only assume took place sometime around the end of World War II. For those of you who didn’t follow along, I’m saying that I couldn’t give a shit less about whether Nagi has fucked for three reasons. The first, she’s a drawing. The second, I’m sane. The third, she’s not a very good character to begin with.

But Nagi isn’t the center of the issue that I am about to discuss. The titular moron made a post about how things got to be where they are and Western expectations and blah blah blah. I sort of tuned out, honestly. Basically, the arguments presented in Moritheil’s post (I don’t actually think the poor kid’s a moron. YEAH!) stem from the baseline idea that men consider virginity the ideal. I think that’s sort of a shallow understanding of the psychological processes that lead to the situation where lots of people are upset that Nagi might not be a virgin.

Indeed, for a lot of men, the ideal would appear to be a virgin. But it doesn’t just stop there. Men don’t want the sex to be bad and awkward. They want a woman who knows how to please them but is still untouched. And that’s where we get to the root of the idea.

Men are very territorial creatures. Many men are given to at least mildly jealous thoughts even over girls they felt like they saw first. If they laid eyes on a girl and another guy walks up, lots of guys will just out right jealous. It passes quickly, but it’s part of just about every guy on earth. The ones thinking they’re exceptions to the rule right now, you’re wrong.

That’s where this Nagi idea enters the picture. The mangaka crossed a line in the minds of many of the sad idiots reading his book. To them, Nagi was hitherto presented as unattached and somewhat “pure.” This led the men reading to create situations in their own minds where Nagi could be attained and they would take her on this magical journey through sexy land. And when you’ve built something like that in your mind, you will of course feel betrayed when the truth comes rushing at you. Hell, it might not even be the truth.

Of course, in Moritheil’s mind, this degenerates into a feminist argument about keeping women down and so on and so forth. And while admittedly there’s a double standard at work here (the men, contrary to the comic linked in Moritheil’s post, don’t need to be untouched while the girl does), that’s not really where the issue stems from and it’s not the way to go about fixing it. Hell, I’d wonder if it could ever even be fixed. It’s extremely natural for a man to basically lay mental claim to anything he’s spotted. Is it right? Absolutely not. I’d never begin to argue that. But it’s something we can scarcely control. And the weaker-willed among us carry such ideas of ownership out into areas of entitlement. Some part of them know that other people are thinking that they deserve her, but we just tell ourselves they’re wrong.

Is it pitiful? Absolutely. Do women do it? Yep. Are they anywhere near as bad about it? Not USUALLY, but it certainly happens. That singer guy and his girlfriend led to a 2ch fujoshi shitstorm. But yeah. Now I’ve gone and answered a long phone call and I forgot what I was going on about. That’s fine though. The seven hundred words or so I’ve put down should get the gist across. And so I am going to stop this post now even though I think I stopped short on some of the points I intended to make.