Announcing the dasaku Network Anime Expo Meetup

Well, it’s a bit early yet, but I am planning to do a dasaku Network Meetup at Anime Expo 2009. If you’re planning to be there, drop a line at some point and something something something? I’ll probably just do something like a Saturday thing, we’ll get lunch, it’ll be a good time, maybe. Haha. I’ll likely do another post closer to the time to nail down specifics, and I might get in touch with a few blogger friends and see if we can’t compile a giant thing. I just wanted to shoot a post out because I know you crazy fuckers like to schedule your itineraries all early and so on, so maybe just keep in mind that you might do our little blogger meetup thing.

Hopefully some of my SoCal-based hostees will show up as well. Like I said, I’ll nail down specifics later. Just wanted to do an initial post now.