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Who doesn’t love reading my bullshit? If you said “no one” then I couldn’t hear you because this is a blog post. But I did do a guest blog for my tit-covered friend Gia to help bolster her street cred and so on and so forth. Feel free to read it, although if you regularly read OCnE, the content will come as no great surprise to you.

UPDATE: As it turns out, I was censored by a certain goofy bitch. “The slight squeak that guy let out as the other guy ran up inside his choco-tube?” was replaced with some pussified version. There might even be other things. Last time I guest blog for someone. Especially someone who told she’d let me know about edits. Good job.

Your Mom and La Blue Girl = BFF?

Do enjoy. Later this week, we’ll be having a new Onii-chan Radio where we’ll be discussing the Handley manga obscenity trial and I will give you all of the ammunition necessary to prove to other people that they’re idiots.

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11 years ago

I don’t remember saying that @_o But if I did, sorry. You weren’t around when I set it up.

Actually, I thought about replacing the whole thing with a 500-word essay on how much you love kittens and think bunny wabbits (yes, WABBITS) are cute, just to annoy you. But I decided not to. Because I wuv you. (yes, WUV.)

*wuv wuv*

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